Socket closure

(Dorian qray) #1

This has been a common issue over the past two weeks, 3 times today already , what gives?

(Jo Hunt) #2

Same Here i have lost connection 5 times in the past 30 mins,

(Grace Ryder) #3

Same i get it every 5-10 mins :frowning:

(Biggus-Dickus) #4

Yup - not being able to warp without getting kicked out with a socket closed error

(Sonic Fera) #5

same here, its getting rather annoying

(Siebmordan Hur) #6

Game seems unplayable atm. Dscan or prob analyzer buttons seem to cause socket closure.

(Tia'nha Amelana) #7

Same here keep getting into game only to be kicked

(Nathan Nova) #8

Game is unplayable due to constant disconnects, but they only started today for me.

(Grace Ryder) #9

Logged in… DC less than 5 min later

(ttt esc Ikkala) #10

hell if gone from socket closure to cant get past character selection Screen

(Dravick Afterthought) #11

Same here, but it was OK up to about 3 hours ago - did it start after the downtime ?

(Haein) #12

Started about 3 hours b4 down time for me but its getting worse.

(Sonic Fera) #13

It started for me 12 hours ago, so yea it was doing it before dt today.

(Tia'nha Amelana) #14

CCP reativated player bounty system. I’m guessind they didn’t fix the error or made it worse

(Dorian qray) #15

I could be crazy here, but I seem to remember eve being a rather stable game until recently

(Nathan Nova) #16

I first logged in after downtime today so can not confirm if the problem existed before that. I have had 4 disconnects in as many minutes and this is the first time this has happened for me since last years AT tournament.

(Radama Itinen) #17

I have connection problems since 6:00 eve time…always when jumping through gates…sometimes takes forever to even log in again and same thing happens right after log in

(Jedi Nite) #18

GET THIS SORTED, 5 times in as many minutes. Anything worthwhile doing in game you cant because of the server crashes

(Sloorp Muaddib) #19

Exactly one year after the last alliance tournament the hourly socket closed error is back. Its ridiculous, last year they didnt want to believe that it has something to do with the alliance tournament, and here we are, next alliance tournament error is back. Exactly after last years tournament, to this tournament, i had not error whatsoever.

(Ailiana Blaze) #20

I can’t even connect at all.

always getting “connection failed - handshake error”
when i try to start the game client.

put up a support ticked about it last sunday.
so far not a single word as an answer. :frowning: