Socket Closed in Anomalies

Like most people I get the occasional socket closed (in PvP, PvE, in station etc.), annoying but liveable, but I do also get a very repeatable disconnect and wondered if anyone else suffered from this or had found a work around. Basically I have a socket closed disconnect around 90% of the time when completing an anomaly – it always happens near the end of the last wave or shortly after completing the site. It happens across a couple of PCs and several accounts (other accounts on the same PC remain connected when I have the anomaly disconnect). I have reported this to CCP but so far have received the usual level of useful support so hoping someone in the community has an idea!

if i rat i will dc every 20/30 mins or so EVERY TIME

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Several times…mostly handshake failure with server when trying to log in.

From a game client perspective there is no difference between a real DC and a DC to prevent losing a ship.

I get at least 3 per day in ~4hrs. Been that way for at least a year. I’m hesitant to invest in carriers/supers to use in my WH corp. You can’t dik around with this crap CCP. Fix YOUR system.
I can go 12 hours straight on every other online MMO without so much as a connection hiccup. It is not me, it always has been you.
How can you expect players to invest in high-end ships for pvp or pve when they could be lost due to YOUR garbage connection?

Hmm… I live west coast US and I do not get disconnects like that, are you sure who’s garbage connection we are discussing?

Here’s a first grade story problem for you…

There are 1,000 rainbows :rainbow:. 999 of them are constant, bright, beautiful, colorful. But one of them, we’ll call ‘CCP’s rainbow’ :nauseated_face:, is ugly, doesn’t always shine very well and often disappears completely. Which one of these rainbows is the problem? :thinking:

That bar low enough for you to understand?

Strange. My experience has been the opposite over this past year (Feb 2018 is when I started playing EVE). I normally play at least four hours a day and have had one socket closure in that time. This is across three accounts and I unfortunately have a sub-par internet company (1 to 1.5 star customer satisfaction rating). I hope you or CCP finds a fix for the issue.

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