Socket closed a lot these past 20 minutes?

Getting socket closed all the time, started 30 mintues ago and ongoing, now very bad.

yep same here, 5th DC in last 20-30 mins for me

Same here too.

Post here

Ditto. I think I’ll avoid the Abyss for now

Yep, lots of disconnects for me as well.

Yep lots of DCs this morning, now I can’t connect at all. DDOS?

probably - again… will they ever do something about it - maybe up security on the server perhaps… just a thought - radical as it is

Same - DCs every few minutes - all other Internet applications stable

I’ve not been able to login since the last DC. Feels like a DDOS to me

getting the same server going tity up .

same and it made my ab burned out

Yup, been getting the same this morning.

hi rabbit o/

Hey, how’s it going?

good thanks ;3

so game is loaded and stable, but wtf is with the rubber banding, the lag on right click, target lock stuttering etc…


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