Socket closed

(Sam Mavor) #21

Same here - multiple socket closed events over the last two hours. Very frustrating!

(GarFlar) #22

Been getting closed sockets multiple times a day since I rejoined a month ago. I do believe its partly my end which im looking into. But seeing how many are having this issue it cant all be our ISP. Nearly lost my ship twice while doing Abyssals due to 20 min time limit. The clock still runs down when not ingame.

(Marcus Maul) #23

Anyone else having severe lag spikes?

(Ioth) #24

Many players in Japan, Australia, New Zealand are currently experiencing lagging issues.

(Alleria Sun) #25

Having problems too, I can’t connect right now and I don’t know why, I was playing like 4 hours ago and I didn’t have any problem.

(Kate Siwalina) #26

Should I pay 25,99$ to get more stability?

(Hazen Koraka) #27

You mean you all haven’t bought the Socket Close Premium pass (guarantee to get no sockets closed for 30days)?

(Professor Q) #28

Germany - Problems with Telekom - Lags, Jump Tunnel, etc.

switched to Kabel Deutschland - no problems.

(NiChOlAz) #29

i blame Pearl Abyss vov

(Eewww) #30

I dont have socket closures but the game so laggy that it is totally unplayable :poop:

(Sloth77) #31

Yep - mad lag here in UK. 5-10 seconds at a time.

(legatus Jake) #32

Ditto with Sloth 77, also had socket closures today.

(Xerxes Fehrnah) #33

Literally unplayable. Lag is incredible. Servers need to be bounced.

(system) #34

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