Constantly gettin "Socket Was Closed"

(Molly Duma) #1

Im constantly gettin “Socket was closed” and the game shuts down, it happend yesterday aswell with all my accounts and also today, wtf is this? The server isnt down and i can log back on again but within 30-60sec i get the same ■■■■ again.


(Huffepuf Kaundur) #2

The advice i got from CCP was to add the help channel. this is very active and makes the game force connection to server more often. this could help. If not…maybe your router is acting up and losing connection or its cache runs full. Take out power socket for more then 10 seconds and see if that improves.

(Ben LeeYoung) #3

Same here OP. It actually ended up being a defective router… I was losing connection every 10 mins on the dot lol

Are you losing connection with Eve alone?

(SorbP Shivan) #4

I’m only lossing connection with eve as far as i can tell, every other game works flawlessly…

But i will double check my router aswell…