Dropped connections and game freezes!

I came back to EVE after a layoff and now I can’t go an hour w/o a dropped connection or a total game freeze/lockup.
I will NEVER be back!

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If it was the game, these boards would be heaving with complaints, I think.

My installation is working fine - even with a sub-par internet connection. I hope you manage to sort it out. Don’t give up!

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I’ve been experiencing increasing but inconsistent numbers of disconnects as well lately. It’s been quite quiet on that front for a few months, but for the past 3 weeks some of my clients disconnect multiple times per hour again, while others stay connected without issues.

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Work through the problem before to find that sweet spot.

(1) Make sure your not playing in a thunderstorm as brownouts can damage your personal computer even if you have a surge protector on your power board.

(2) are you on wifi and how is the signal strength.
Do you require a range extender or are you using cat5

(3). Log into your miner pilot and turn off all 3D graphics while sitting in your station.
Hold Ctrl Shift press F9 to turn off 3D Graphics
Try undocking your retriever to see how if your system handling a simple undocking .

You will see only 2D Graphics

No, CCP should fix it, the game does not even attempt to reconnect unlike other games I play. Eve will suddenly disconnect, its been this way when ever I try to play this game. Many times I come back and many times I end up giving up because it randomly loses connection which would make pvp impossible. They should increase the time out limit on connections, and ensure clients are able to reconnect to the server because not everyone has a fixed line broadband due to where they live. I suspect my issue is I’m using 4G mobile broadband, but it shouldn’t be a problem if the game client is able to reconnect.

When my connection drops which is rare, my IP address will change and perhaps that is the problem. However it shouldn’t be a damn problem if they’d aticipate some people’s connections aren’t rock solid, I don’t see fixed line broadband being a requirement to play this game…

Thanks for your response, LittleTerror. It was interesting to note the very different setup you use from that which I have.

Perhaps someone reading this thread who has a similar setup can offer you some advice?

In my (limited) experience, the operating system can also be a factor. On my PC running Windows, if my connection drops, the OS automatically tries to reconnect, at set short-ish intervals. I don’t know if your mobile internet application has a similar function, or whether it would make any difference.

EVE is a bit of an outlier in terms of stability, I find. For me, it’s currently better than it was, but there are still bugs. Nothing game-breaking though.

I hope you (and CCP) manage to find a solution!

Hi again LittleTerror, they do publish the system requirements here, but a quick read through doesn’t mention mobile internet connections, only ADSL.

So what you seem to be saying is that CCP should increase the scope of the game’s requirements to suit your setup. If that is the case, perhaps your troubles would be better directed to them via the Issues and Workarounds sub-forum, or even Discord/Reddit - though I disparage having to use those latter resources myself.

Yea tons of connection drops my side too, and I check on the internet to see if it is still up and it is, it’s just the game the dc’s for some reason.

It does not matter, the game has been like this as far as I remember, I’ve used countless ISP in the past and the game had the same issues then as it does now. Crap netcode is to blame, nothing wrong with my connection or anyones connection, its 2024 FFS… It litterally has been like this for years.

That is, you don’t agree with me - which is fine.

However, dismissing (cancelling) my suggestions in such a peremptory manner does indicate that you are not open to considering potential issues which don’t originate with CCP.

Now I’m going to indulge in a little peremptoriness of my own. You are not entitled to play EVE Online. No one is. The game is offered ‘as is’, for those whose equipment meets the requirements set out on the page I linked, above. It may work for other arrangements, but is not guaranteed to do so.

As I’ve written, even allowing for that, my own experience has not always been a smooth one. It’s irritating when tech doesn’t work properly, but tech is not perfect and you should not expect it to be so. I don’t, however, throw my toys out of the pram and disparage the attempts of others to offer assistance.

Because your issues interest me, I had a quick look at a page thrown up by Google search. On the Tom’s Hardware site, someone who also uses mobile 4G data for gaming was having problems. A responder suggested that, if you use mobile data, latency can be a real problem. ISPs do regularly switch towers in order to manage uneven loads, and of course they don’t warn customers that they’re going to do this. Just a thought.

It was also clear that not everyone using your method of connection experiences the same difficulties.

But I daresay you’ll not read any of this, because ‘I don’t have to’…

I genuinely do hope you find a solution or workaround, LittleTerror. I know how annoying it is not to be able to play a favourite game.

lol, i didn’t read all that text, however I’ll say this, there are other games i can play which none of them have these disconnection issues. I’m too old now and therefore can’t be arsed with this ■■■■■■■■, none of us can, we will simply leave and go play something else that does not cause us stress.

Hehe LittleTerror, that’s also a solution!

I am retired now but I still do play video games. I’m lucky in that I’ve recently had a stable internet connection. A few weeks ago, though, I had no Wi-Fi for about two weeks. None at all. A game-free fortnight. It did occur to me to use my phone as a hotspot, but I knew that the out-of-bundle charges would clobber my pension.

I do other stuff though - and it might even have got me out of the house a bit more!

Boy, was I glad to get that connection back!

For now the issue seems to have resolved itself., but I swear everytime in the past I’ve ever came back to this game the same problem occured no matter the connection or hardware. This is a game were if you lose a ship that could mean a lot of time wasted through no fault of your own, whos gonna stick around when crap like that happens all the time? No one.

I also have this problem. some days, the game works normally, some days it doesn’t.
My internet is high-speed optical fiber.

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