Constant disconnects

Anyone getting constant disconnects this morning?

I’ll be ok for 5 mins or so then get kicked over and over trying to do my daily missions.

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yeah its getting worse recently … since about 2 weeks or so.

i tried to run some fleet ops, which turned to be impossible as i was at half shields before the overview did show anyone on grid.

The last couple of weeks I have been noticing this as well. It will be fine for a few days and Theni get a couple three disconnects one after another. I lost some probes because of it the other day.

This disconnect is getting worse. I recently joined a corp. The wife had too may questions. And as Rookie channel is a good resource. We needed to have a more hands on help. We made a several jump journey. Made it to the destination fine. And then the disconnect hit hard. I have not undocked as a result all afternoon and evening.

I still cannot log in

I’m getting the same disconnects. Just started today.
Not sure what is going on.

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Came a cross a page that advised that a vpn would take care of the disconnect. I downloaded a freebee. I do not have a use for a vpn to be honest. It took care of the disconnect problem. According to the page, and I wish I had book marked it, advised that the way CCP handles the data packets that it can cause a disconnect.

All I do know that if I do not turn the vpn before getting into the game. The disconnect will happen. Turn it on and the problem goes away.

My suggestion is to try it. If it works, happy days. I hope CCP does something in the near future to correct this problem. I am not fond of VPN’s myself.

I’ve experienced this as well. 1/3 clients will disconnect while the others are unaffected.

today things turned even worse, i jumpt the freighter and its unresponsive for 3+ minutes
if i have 2 of my clients in the same system, its getting even worse.

targeting in a ship that locks in less than 2 sec takes 40 sec to complete.

basically you are dead before you can even see anything happening.

My disconnects seem to have gone, but after logging on and even after turning the launcher off the game stutters and gets the jitters when undocking, plus zooms in and out randomly for a couple of minutes.