Constant Disconnects

Connected the ethernet from my modem directly to my computer. Game worked just fine. Did factory reset of modem and router, modem to computer tested again and worked just fine. Wifi, still get disconnect error on my machine but no problems on wife’s machine.

Anyone have any ideas? This is driving me insane. Did a packet loss test, had zero packet loss on that test from my machine over wifi…

This is why I asked you if you were wireless or wired a few posts ago.

You’d be surprised at all the issues wireless cards could have. Drivers that have various compatibility issues with software, improperly connected internal wi-fi antennae, etc.


Hi Destiny, just wondering if you have any troubleshooting ideas for fixing the wireless on my other laptop?

Update or roll back the driver. Maybe get a tool that tests the stability of your connection (to check for drops). No concrete ideas, since it could be anything. But if you get dropped connections doing other things, then it’s likely your wireless card, or some kind of driver issue.

The upside to constant disconnects is that they’re reliable.
You can count on them to happen!
There’s comfort in the consistency!

Imagine they’d happen irregularly!
A day without, then three in twelve hours!

It’d be pure chaos!

You’re not properly approaching this.
You didn’t post the model name of your WiFi thingy.
You didn’t post if other people with your notebook model had similar issues.
You didn’t mention if the problem improves when you’re sitting next to the router.

What’s the model name of the WiFi hardware?

Look into the device manager and post it.
Have you actually checked in the device manager if it’s marked?

Example of a perfectly fine one:


When you have the name …
… google if other people are having issues with that thing.

If they don’t …
… google for people having similar issues with the same machine.

If they don’t …
… open your notebook and check if it’s properly screwed in and seated in its slot.

If it is, run your machine under heavy load …
… then turn it off …
… and check if it’s hot.

Start with the hardware first.

That’s because you’re not considering that it might be a problem with the hardware in your machine.

Another route is checking if there might be electromagnetic interference.
An old TV, a microwave, stuff like that.


But you still want to investigate that right? I mean, maybe not for you, but to improve customer satisfaction by providing info about it for future cases. Then they will be sure its not specifically your service problem.

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You’re a nasty little hater, Nana.

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And who said they didn’t internally investigate? I’d bet isk they did. It’s not a requirement to tell us everything that goes on inside the walls of their company.

I just care about customer (mine) satisfaction, thats all.

Also :psyccp:

It’s pretty hard to investigate a connection issue that happened in October. They looked into it back then and couldn’t find the cause, hence ‘specific unknown problem’, so what makes you think that they can find the cause now, while the problem has not existed for months?

Surely you do not want CCP devs to waste their time?

Yeah but claiming that it would help anyone is just silly.
It’s not going to reduce the amount of complaints and tickets.

If a huge sign “LOOK IT’S NOT OUR FAULT” would help anything …
… everyone would be using one.

Oh boy, what a risky bet!
Putting virtually nothing of value on the line!

Sheesh, mate, how can you!?
Think of your children !!!1111oneoneone

You clearly have …the patience of a Saint…

If that would be waste of time for them, why they work there?

Sorry, I dont buy this:

since metrics do not indicate any large-scale wide-spread issues, then there is some probability that this is a network issue that would be located near each player

Thats why I asked for further investigation, which I am sure they will do. Or not, because its a “waste of time”. What do you think? When you will not be able to connect, I dont wish that to you if you stil play at all, maybe you will understand. I had some issues that I dealed with myself, but not many people know what to do and are left on their own, or eventually maybe CCP writes something like that, that its happening only to small portion of players (so they will not waste time, like you wrote).

Would you be happy then? :thinking:

This temporary issue (that fixed itself) is three months old.

If it happened last week, sure, let them investigate. But now? Recreating the exact scenario of 3 months ago that depends on a lot of external factors is likely impossible. On top of that the issue did not repeat itself which makes troubleshooting even harder. Let it be.

I am just asking for more investigation (if its really possible) and you just want to drop it, next time when you will get your connection problems I hope you will not be a hypocrite.

I would expect them to look into connection issues, but not in issues that happened within a short time period three months ago and that didn’t reoccur since.

This seems to be happening regularly.

I’m constantly getting disconnects and it’s becoming annoyi

Well yea, disconnects are a common issue of all times.

This particular case of three months ago likely isn’t connected to any issues you face now, if I take a guess. One disconnect isn’t the same as the other.

How is your internet connection, is it stable?

Hi Solstice, thank you for the detailed response. I hadn’t considered a hardware problem simply because other internet related things work just fine. I can download and upload to google drive, steam, etc and browse/video call with no problems.

Wireless adapter is intel® wireless-ac 9560 160mhz.

I started googling as you suggested and found several threads with people that have that adapter having disconnect problems while gaming but not browsing or streaming (my situation).

I updated my wifi adapter driver to the January 2021 version… AND IT WORKED!


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