anyone else keep getting DCed?

How often are you talking…?

Yes twice now in past 10 minsutes. All six accounts. Others in corp also, but not everyone. Everyone that drops does so at same instant. Happening to US and UK players. Comms never drop.

it started about two hours ago and about six times with multiple characters, multiple accounts, and multiple computers.

Yes, you’re not alone, had these twice.

You can see two tiny drops on the graph here https://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility
May 30 23:10 and May 31 00:27

I’ve actually lost a T3 cruiser on the second disconnect, during which I was undocking… logged back on in just 2 minutes and got an NPC kill mail saying a single Succubus frigate killed my T3 with 8525 total damage, which is an obvious bug.

I hate it for the others but at least its not just me.

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Yes the last 2 hours… sudden disconnects and when I try to get back it tells me I cant connect to server… but its not my connection or system because all my chat programs are up and working fine. Then 5-10 minutes later it lets me in again.

I just activated my 64 bit client yesterday so just in case that was the issue I turned it off and restarted the client… but same issue. Maybe its my time zone here in midwestern Canada

The streams are DCing lol.

Confirmed multiple people dropping including myself. No similarities between us, all spread out over UK, US, Australia.

DC’d 8-9 times in the last hour giving up for the night I think

Dropped 4 times i think in last 30 minutes. Iceland.

Five disconnections in the last half an hour!! It is horrible …

Got punted fairly quickly this evening. Was a shame.

The first time I disconnected, it deleted all of my launcher settings. So now i have to re-authenticate all of my accounts.

i cant even stay fookn connected, dont make me play fortnite or apex CCP. Fix your shtuff

Yeah, just going to link this here:


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I had about 5 disconnects within 20 minutes while on a 150-man fleet. Lots of fun! I seem to have fixed it by switching my connection to go through my VPN. Give that a shot if you have one.

Coming back yesterday after a few months of absence I had several disconnection. Opened a ticket for not even being able to log on forum . Today some more disconnections, even staying docked. Three different isp providers , same issue. Of course not even trying to do nothing dangerous since I’m not sure it will happen again.
During daytime it takes more time to disconnect and on evening it seems to be shorter the time to disconnect. I’m in Brazil.

Edit: Trying to enter now at 23:27 local time from a different computer I cannot even enter station that I am dcet.

I’ve disconnected multiple times - when hitting start extraction in PE & Scan when using probes.

edit - Managed to recreate disconnect during PE on different character