Connection problems again

Having connection issues again since last night. Client threw me out a couple of times last night, and today I can’t either connect at all, or I lose connection a few minutes after getting in.

I have not had any problems earlier, but for the last hour the connection has been very unstable… And for the last 15 minutes I have not been able to even log in.

9 june about 14:00 et have same problem, My ship was left in the abyss, for several minutes the launcher could not start the client due to some problems with authorization. I saved the ship, but it was not nice.


cloudflare loose often the routing and connection from German Vodafone Cable Network causing Disconnects and hopping on the connection again only few min later again causing disconnects again

last few min ago:

Date/Time: 06/18/2020 12:05:22 - 06/18/2020 12:15:22

6 6 0 17.51 21.06 18.86 []
7 6 0 17.51 27.66 20.43 []

Date/Time: 06/18/2020 12:11:38 - 06/18/2020 12:21:38

6 33 0 18.22 54.73 22.72 []
7 33 0 19.33 56.34 24.36 []

you can see the internal routing in the VD network also jumps because of the change…

talk to cloudflare about this, it will cause lot of Tickets reimbursements and angry players not playing eve anymore… like me as i lost my 3 sleipnirs in the same site last year of an provider problem who weas even in the news and got only 2 reimbursed (because of a lost of the same ships few weeks ago^^) thats not about the 2,8b lost… its about CCP and how to handle such problems acting not in a way customers are setisfied if they got problems and ongoing connection problems not beeing adressed even if you tell ccp where it sits (if a GM tell you use vpn but we dont recommend it its a joke^^ and now ccp use after neustar now cloudflare as a vpn to protect^^ wonderfull… you dont feel like a dumbass about all this and ask yourself is it worth playing eve anymore if AT ships get reimbursed and legit pvp kils get reimbursed but your pve loss not because all reimbursements are handled like they are not connected and “the serverlogs show nothing” (who is if a discconect happen for me a servererror if not detected for more as 60s^^ even if there is no massdrop visible in the logs)

pls someone take a look into this and talk to the right people if you cant be loggef in into a online game and loose expensive stuff its not worth playing anymore

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unfortunately lately GMs just dismiss these cases, siting "not server side issue"

I encourage every one who is experiencing connection issues post here as CCP were “not aware” as of today’s DT.

please see this screen shot, each of the red arrows represents drop of 700 to 1000 players.

Thats not to say that disconnects dont happen in between, i had several disconnects between these drops.
Disconnects have intensified last couple of days and happen with increased frequency ever since June 10th server issues.

Yeah, I still get DC-d sometimes. Although it’s not that bad that I’ve had to file a report. Some days it’s completely stable, no problems. But I have had friends report disconnects where I’ve had no issues at all.

I made a thread about it and was directed to this one. I have been having disconnect issues for the past couple of weeks. Everything will be fine and then connection lost. I have a very fast and strong cable connection and have no issues playing other online games or streaming movies/videos so I know it is not my internet connection.

As of now, I have some characters online and able to play and at the same time I can’t login with another characters.

I have also been getting completely random disconects from chat.

In addition to that, I often see multiple pearsons crashing at the same time, so it seems like there might be something higher going on.


so far today no disconnects.
What ever you guys at CCP did seem to be working ( if you did anything )
please keep it this way.

thank you

since today i get these nice messagees on all my accounts upon entering character selection


I’m in the USA, connection lost unable to regain connection

they must have done something, cos i stopped seeing DCs for 2 days now.
And they used to be regular.
but, apparently there are more issues…

Can’t connect from Bulgaria - Could not connect to the specified address. Odds are that you have not established an internet connection, the server isn’t running, or the server address or port number was wrong.

Everything else works fine. Help pls.

DCed today again,

disconnects started today again


yeap another DC just now, disconnects are back

Continue to see Disconnects ( had one just 5 min ago )
CCP please advise if you are looking into this situation

this drop from yesterday, about 4k players

i have the same issue and its really really annoying.
not a vodafone customer, i am bound to telecom for now.


still regular disconnects


Just now, second time in 15 minutes

OMG again
relogged, docked at station and almost immediately DC again.
dudes at CCP cmon, fix this ■■■■…