Connection problems again


Unplayable, DCs every 3-4 min after relog, utterly ridiculous

Connection is definitely stable, been plaing Div 2 and Star Citizen Alpha, both stable.

@Maja_Chou thank you for the information! Also thanks to all the other people reporting on this issue.
I’ve been hit by it a few months ago, didn’t get my abyssal ship reimbursed because “server logs show nothing”, and I got so frustrated by it.

I still get random disconnects, at least once a day, sometimes on one of my two clients only, but at least now the client crashes immediately, which I find an improvement over freezing for minutes before closing.

I wish this issue was fixed because it makes many activities so bad, especially fleets and interacting with other players, as you will eventually disconnect.

I to am having problerms , been dc’d a few times now, was working ok during the week

I am having the same problem, constant disconnects and no issues found on diagnostic tools which were running while my clients disconnected

Me too, get around 5 minutes if i’m lucky before disconnected

is this what you getting?

Very Similar, happens on the character select page as well.

EVE disconnect

This is my message

Can barely stay logged in for 5 minutes. Internet is working fine on all other programs/devices in the house. Had both connection lost message types. Frustrating.

can’t stay online for 5 mins , its annoying

At times I cant even get my ship on grid! I’ve sent CCP all the information so far ive DC’d over 60 times today

I just got this message too. what a ballache :frowning_face:

The same issue and messages here. it started +/- 1hr ago. I’m lucky if I can stay 1 minute connected. Location: UK

Am in Scotland, i contacted ccp and they have raised a ticket, will have to wait and see what happens next

UK here too if it makes a difference, on sky broadband

Also Uk & sky broadband:

Get kicked out after a few mins - only started this afternoon.

having the same issues,all day since 9am (23-7)
edit,sry,should of mentioned i’m with sky bb

Are you All with Sky?

Sky here