Another "connection to server was lost" thread


9 days ago I opened a new ticket with this very issue.
Provided LogLite data when I opened the ticket which included atleast 3 connection drop outs.
Network tests were run, as requested, and that results provided.

CCP - “We don’t see any issues on our end”

I’m sure that’s a standard boiler plate response for any issue that gets reported.

I had to prompt the GM to look at the logs I initially provided which detail the errors and stacktrace info.

The GM then replied with “your isp has had some issues” and gave me a link to Downdetector.
Bit pointless as the GM does not know my location within the UK nor which section of my ISP network I reside in.

An outage in London would not be causing this issue to users in Glasgow, and there were no reported issues in my local area.

Once again I had to prompt the GM to look at these forums and threads on r/eve where people all over the world have been experiencing the same issue.

Tuesday rolls around and I get a reply asking for LogLite data, and a quick guide on how to use LogLite.

Really, I’m not making this up.

I log a ticket providing all the data they would probably request and they don’t even bother looking at it in the first place.

Once again, me the customer, had to prompt the GM to look at the logs provided.

I would think that looking at the data provided in the first place would save you guys a load of hassle and pingpong ticketing.

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I’ve also been having this issue intermittently for the past few weeks. If it continues I’ll also be raising a ticket. Hope you get it sorted.

The issue could very well be between You and cloudflare… if its not directly tied to CCP then its out of their hands unless they can get action done at cloudflare or you contact ISP to check for missing packets etc.

Hey dude,

My connection is solid, I only have trouble with Eve Online.
I suffer no lag, drop outs, poor quality in any other way or with any other application or service.
I use a VPN for work and I never get disconnects.

Support ask me to run a pathping and share the results, which I do, but they claim a server is not accepting connections just because it shows 100% packet loss.

100% packet loss doesn’t not show a refusal to accept connections, just that the server does not respond to pings.

If there is a problem with Cloudflare routing, then CCP need to contact CF to resolve it as I do not have a contract with CF nor am I a client of CF.

CCP hooked up with CF in order to mitigate the DDOS problems of last year, and since then I have been suffering more “connection to server was lost” issues.

But hey, we shall see what the GM replies with.

Did you ever get this issue fixed?

I’m from the UK and use Virgin Media. I’ve been having constant connection problems for the past month, getting the usual “The Connection Has Been Lost” message randomly, but more often between 12am and 6am.

Contacted CCP who told me its an issue with my ISP. Contacted Virgin who say everything is fine with my connection.

Pay a monthly subscription to both CCP AND Virgin yet they both pass the buck.