Please fix connection lost problem

several times a day now all of my accounts get connection lost at the same time. i still have internet and teamspeak, discord, only EVE crashes. please fix this, it has been going on for at least the last 2 weeks

Sounds like an ISP routing issue, not something CCP can fix. Do a traceroute to the server and create a ticket with that info. Perhaps they can figure out where it’s going wrong.

But again they can’t fix that. All they can do is ask the interweb god’s if they would pretty please use a different routing.

apparently a number of others in my alliance have the same ISP issue…
nah, it is only EVE crashing and it isnt only me. when several players all drop during a moon op, it sounds more like something on the CCP end

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might be a cloud issue then, which is still out of CCP’s hands… still helpful to do what Aisha mentioned to do.

It’s not necessarily your ISP (and thus means more people can have the issue while not having that same ISP).

Your internet data goes from your PC into your modem to your ISP and THEN it hops from ISP to ISP to ISP all the way till it reaches CCP’s servers in London. Somewhere along those hops there is an issue: that ISP might have packet loss issues, it might be overused and slowed down or, for whatever reason, you’re being rerouted around half the world for no real reason which increases latency and increases the chance of trouble.

Compare it to EVE: ISP in EVE are systems, you “live” in a system and you need to get your stuff to Jita (CCP’s servers) so you plot a route. If a system along that route is suddenly having node issues or there’s a jump delay or it’s heavily camped with gankers that is going to slow down your travelling and increases the chance of your ships being ganked (packet loss). It might be that for whatever reason your AP decides to avoid a certain bottleneck system and reroute you 87 jump around, increasing your travel time (latency) and possible trouble (packet loss).

If it’s a system close to where you live it’s only going to be you and perhaps a few other people who have that issue, but the further you get along that route and the closer your get to Jita the more people would use that system and the more people it will affect. And if it’s a bottle neck system like Uedama then it will affect A LOT of of people, like pretty much everyone apart from folks who live in Caldari space to begin with.

If that happens you can get angry at Jita but there’s nothing Jita can do about it, they have no control over the routes and systems outside Jita and they don’t control your auto pilot. All they can do it see how many angry tickets they get from people who had issues getting to Jita (on time) to figure out which system is causing the issues, then ask around to figure out what the issue actually is and to then pretty please ask those system managers (ISP along the route) to sort their stuff out.

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So does EVE actually crash, or you just lose connection to EVE server? those are 2 different things

Client could crash too, or poor/broken server connection.

the iss ue is connection lost on several accounts simultaneous. while moon mining in NULL. it is happening to others as well. otherwise quiet systems no where near a trade hub. all other internet functions normal (although i only game and do comms on this machine) it started happening after a patch a couple of weeks ago.

ISP, servers and nodes are never 100% reliable. The connections will be good to 80 or 90% of the time and your bandwidth may shrink or expand depending on your ISP and/or service which also affects connectivity. Sometimes the client may act up after an update but those bugs never last unless the problem is at your end.

I was kicked at random today, it’s CCP hamsters failing like always.


Try a program called PingInfoView by Nirsoft

Set one of the targets as your local router, maybe also couple of common web sites that repond to ping. And maybe your first network hop as determined by a traceroute to the EVE server.

And also the EVE server itself as a target , iwhich I believe is
Set it to ping every 10 seconds

This will give you a better idea of where the issue lies

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I use express VPN and connect to one of the UK providers. Has sorted the issue for me.

By doing so you used a different ISP routing which proves it’s not CCP.

Well, chat has been going bonkers disconnecting and reconnecting today.

That has nothing to do with what this whole thread is about

It’s about a connection?

God you’re dumb.

The issue is disconnecting from the GAME, which happens from time to time to different people. This thread is not from just today, what in the holy hell does that have to do with a chat issue TODAY?

Besides that, the game and chat are on different servers. DCing from chat doesn’t mean you DC from the game, and vice versa.

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Because it’s a “connection” to their chat server, it was going bonkers up and down today, and that’s part of the game.

This thread is 6 days old…