Losing connection frequently

Since a few days ago I have been experiencing this losing connection pain like every 30minuts or an hour. its never happened to me before. if anyone can help that would be very grateful. I tried using WTFast gpn but still the same.

This is happening to me a lot today as well.

I’ve been having login issues since around 12:30 PM CST. Still having the same issues - long load times when logging on and when I undock I get about 30 sec to a min of black screen. Not optimal play when you’re in a war.

same here…

{“Message”:“An error has occurred.”}
cant even login

This is a common problem recently. Auth server dies but npc are fine. I lost my battleship in the middle of L4, I was disconnected just like all people in my alliance at the same time. No response from ccp to my petition about ship reimbursement yet.

Same here, Can Hardly get in , and when I do Only lasts about 5-10 minutes

having the same issues here…

Issues here too …… some cheap ships lose in FW by lag and disconecctions……CCP give us a big compensation for this issues and resolve problem .

Recent DT has completely shut me out of the game. Serve status check seems to have 18K players in the game and the error im getting is the " Could not connect to the specified address…" RTestart comp, modem etc. and complete reinstall of client isnt working. Please fix these connection issues!!!

Same here. I had been disconnecting/lagging like everyone else but today, I cannot even login. I trust CCP are doing all they can to resolve the problem but the lack of updates is frustrating people. That’s now two days without a single update. I hope CCP intends to reimburse peoples Omega status as we’re effectively paying for a product that doesn’t work.

Well, it looks like I picked the wrong time to be trying to get into this game. The frequent disconnects and then subsequent errors when trying to log back in make me want to just delete it and go do something else… Seems like it happens most when I’m docking at a station; either crashes out or freezes up with a black screen.

It’s frustrating now, but the game is great when everything is running right. You can still make sure you’ve got skills queued via their app, if you’re that new.

it is a great game. ive been convincing all my friends from other games coming to eve but its embarrassing when the server status like this. fingers corssed they`ll fix it ASAP

Please see the below link for CCP updates regarding connection issues.

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