Current Connectivity Issues & Troubleshooting

Check out this dev blog for more information on connectivity issues that a small number of our players are currently experiencing, and how you can assist in fault finding!

Please keep discussion and reporting of this issue to this thread in order to keep faultfinding in one place.

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Maybe sticky this for the time being?

Looks like I’m facing the same story - about 0700ET socket was closed at all acoounts and now I’m able to loging only with VPN service…( what is actually illegal in my country =) ) Anyone else?


Same here… just paid for a VPN service to login.

I have been unable to log in all weekend on any of my accounts from my home. Many other people (as evidenced by numerous forum posts and reddit posts) are having the same issue. I submitted a ticket 24hrs ago and have not gotten a response.

This is not acceptable for a paid service.

Please see the other threads. You’re definitely not the first one to notice.

What has helped some players so far is:

  • Reset PC and flushing the DNS cache.
  • Reset router and getting a new IP address assigned.
  • Using a VPN to route one’s traffic over another ISP.
  • Submit a support ticket to CCP with your IP address in it so they can pass it on.

CCP is fighting off the DDoS attacks and they have so far been successful with it judging by the player count, which can be seen here.

You can also try to contact your ISP and ask them for help as these issues obviously don’t apply for all players and may well be on your side or can possibly even be of a different nature altogether. You won’t know however until you find out.


Or you can just say, “■■■■ it!” and play another game until CCP gets its ■■■■ together.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:


There is that, but there are also the alliance tournaments at the moment, which one can watch here.

We’re aware of the issues that some of our pilots are having right now.

We’ll have a little more information later this evening, and some steps that you can take that’ll help us help you to solve the issue.


THANK man, that’s all what we were asking since yersterday… a little explanation about WTH is going on :S we will wait, but please, keep us INFORMED, it’s not so much time, just a “hey pals, we are working on in, we think maybe 1 day/2 days/1 eon more”

Thank and work hard, our fingers are cold! T_T

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The underlying matter is the same as previous few Alliance Tournament weekends and past two Wednesdays: Our DDoS mitigation network scrubbing is active. In particular then CCP Falcon and I have been here on the forums and replying to posts and explaining what is happening. Unfortunately then a very small number of players are significantly affected since either they or their ISP is being blocked or limited by our DDoS mitigation partner, which handles the scrubbing for us. CCP Falcon is planning to post more details but please send us a support request with your location, ISP, and external IP address so our partner can investigate. The method that has proven most successful is getting a new IP address from your ISP (and them fixing whatever traffic patterns are causing them to be blocked).


Just now got it again. It start to be annoying!!!

#metoo since 1PM ET

Thank you.

It still seems completely random. Never had this problem before. Several Corp mates live nearby on the same isp and are not having issues.

instead of adding new things to eve. why not stabilize the game? its been months of connection issue. local chat just disappearing. assets disappearing. and much much more. but. we got 250,000 free skill points. only 20 million to go ccp. only 20 million to go. oh and lets not mention the skins. cause everyone wants a pretty skin they cant use on a busted game.

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Explorer

I wish you guys the best of luck and much success in quickly fixing the instability issues.




@CCP Thanks for the hard work. Even though Im technologically impaired I can understand from a bit of research that all the problems are not on your side. Its several things coming together to form a large problem. I know youre doing everything you can to fix it and appriciate it.