Ongoing login issues!

Hey guys,

We are aware of login issues that are affecting a small number of pilots. At this stage, we’re unsure as to what is causing these issues, but we’re currently in the process of investigating.

We fully understand that this is super frustrating, and we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing. Right now there is no current ETA for a fix, but we’re working to resolve this issue as fast as possible.

Please keep any discussion regarding the ongoing issues to this thread, as this helps us monitor the situation in one centralised place.

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My computers will not connect to Eve websites or the game. Only way I could post this is via my phone. This has nothing to do with the DDOS 4 days ago, this is new since today’s DT.

Your phone’s ISP and your computer’s ISP are likely two different ISPs.

Issues with ISPs happen all the time then and you may be experiencing one. You could try to use a VPN to connect with your computer routing your traffic over another ISP.

CCP has said that on their side it’s all running fine, and in fact many players are logged in and we are close to 30k players at the moment.

We cant log in, and a few that are able to do so are having chat issues. I am told some have had this issue right around DT

If it didnt happen at DT and others all over the world on various IPs were not having same issue as you can see here and on reddit I would agree.

Link the Reddit source please.

My clients were dropped from server about a half hour before DT, and I haven’t been able to connect to login server since. I had the same issue this time of day yesterday. My internet connection seems to be working fine, otherwise.

You’ll have to excuse my skepticism that this isn’t a CCP issue given their recent history, if that indeed proves to be the case.

Your magic crystal ball is broken again read this

That’s understandable, but it isn’t CCP who is causing these problems. The problems were caused to CCP. There is a difference here.

It was an attack on their networks. DDoS means Distributed Denail of Service, which is a way of saying that someone used many computers throughout the Internet to call the same services at CCP and to overload them deliberately.

CCP has changed their network quickly to counter the attack, aka DDoS mitigation, and once this was done could most people login again. This happened all on the same day.

What is now being reported are very likely just your normal day to day issues, which happen. The player numbers in Tranquility back this up and the Alliance Tournament is also up and running and so far have I not heard of any issues with the AT teams either.

Your best bet is to look for issues on your side, i.e. reset your router and your PC and to contact your ISP.

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No. These issues are with specific regions, meaning it’s related to ISPs. The Internet is not just you and CCP, but it has several companies in between.

These outages happen on a regular basis, are certainly annoying, but you should stop expecting from CCP to fix the whole Internet.

So let’s ignore people that are able to post have the same issue. Let’s ignore we can get on test server. Let’s say something changed with my PC right at dt today. I have restarted both my routers and my CPU. I have also tried from my laptop and wifes co.puter with same issue. It’s either ISP at a really funny time DT or CCP. 1st of August I was able to get o while others were not does that mean since I could get on its everyone else’s fault they couldn’t?

I can login but can’t use the market … “The Market is not ready, please try later”.

First time I’ve ever seen that one. Think I’ll start collecting error messages, more fun than eve atm, gotta catchem all! :slight_smile:


DDOS are attacks are so often those days that every companies should have dealt with the problem upfront and not waiting for them to hit. I don’t care about your opinion on the subject since you’re not working at CCP you don’t know more than us so stop pretending that you do. What I know is that we paid for something and CCP got to deliver DDOS or not.

Nobody is saying you should be ignored. But a drama isn’t going to fix it and CCP can simply not fix the entire Internet. Hence I’m telling you that you should also look elsewhere for help.

How about you care for what CCP Falcon said and post your issue into the right thread? Seeing how you don’t do this either are you stuck with people like me, who will give you their opinion, if you like it or not.

Were should we all look? I can do anything else except some eve websites and normal eve server. I can even play on the test server.

The right thread has nothing to do with today that has to do with a DDOS attack and huge server load due to a huge fight. This is a new issue.

Lol well WhiteHound says it cant be CCP so call your ISP and let them have it cause must be there fault.

I’m not saying that. I’m saying it’s very unlikely. You simply cannot login and prefer a drama. Have your drama, by all means.

However 30,449 players are logged in despite those “many” reports and your drama.