Login Server Issues?

Seems the login issues are back? Reddit post up and some people confirming. Refresh token issues, tried removing profile and re-adding it, then you get the login server error.

Can CCP confirm this is down or an issue right now?

Same issue here

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Not here, not yet anyway.

I always check with http://eve-offline.net/?server=tranquility to see if my issues, when I have them, are wide spread or not.

Yeah, says login handler is online there. But also says account management and forums are down. I don’t know if they have a working connection to that, but when I try to go to account management, I get time outs there (last time I went there was last night). Same for the community portal of EVE online, but not these forums.

As a tech guy, I can only assume there is more than one load balancer or login handler. Some are working and others are not. I don’t think we would all be sharing the same pipe around the world. So, whatever login handler I’m trying to use is down.

Can anyone confirm there is more than one?

Also, anyone having issues, can you see if this loads for you? https://secure.eveonline.com/

All my accounts are down as well, also cant get to most of eve websites like community or trouble ticket…

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As far as we’re aware there are no specific issues with Tranquility itself.

There are however currently some issues for pilots connecting from Russia, Ukraine and eastern europe that are down to third party outages.

Any idea if/when it will be fixed? You can add Eastern US and Germany to that list.

Didn’t mean to. Just trying to follow a pattern so people don’t think today’s issues are tied to that other thread issues.

Also, can you please clarify what the hell you just said? Saying Tranquility itself does not tell me if Tranquility is the actual game server or the login handler. Sounds like you just said we are not experiencing issues or did you? In my mind, there is a difference between Tranquility and the login server. Really confusing.

Sounds like they are blaming someone else that we cant log on (3rd party). Not sure how people from such different locations could be having problems and others in the same areas not having problems. Part of the problem and reason we are not getting any real insight is since it seems there is so few of us right now that cant get in.

You can start adding western Europa to that, unfortunately :frowning: Can’t log in, most of corp either. Though some can, even though they use the same ISP as others who can’t. The ones who can however can’t talk about it as they keep losing connection to the chat server :stuck_out_tongue:

And Africa!!!hat the GM’s dont even respond to the support tickets logged. A simple ackowledgement that they are looking into the issue would be appreciated. It has been days where i have asked please just respond etc…its nonsense

Essentially all over the world, seems more and more people having issues, everything else works except eve/launcher, but its not eve, cant be cause they said so.

I’m in the US experiencing the issue.

What I find disturbing out of all this is, they seen the thread, see people are having isseus all over the world, say some BS about it but more so talk about how they didn’t like the subject of the thread…

Great Customer Support…

Must be embarrassing to have so many technical problems as a company.

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In 15min the Tourney starts… Wonder how fast they will get on it when one or two people in the tourney cant get online… Then it will matter right?

This has to be worst customer service I have seen in a long long time, and the more I think on it while not being able to sign in, the more annoyed I get.

You just reemed someone trying to get your attention that people are having problems logging in by using what looks like to be an okay subject line to me, and it did the job of getting your attention. Your Program/Site is broken, we cant get logged in, we cant get to the trouble ticket support, and your first reaction is yell at the guy trying to let you know the only way we can? Honestly you owe him an apology.

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Don’t think I’ve ever seen the game so unreliable.

Second morning in a row for me of being unable to log in…

Here is a copy of my tracert to secure.eveonline.com


Why bother, he changed the subject line and said screw the customers that cant log in. That was his fix for us all…