2018/07/12 - Unscheduled Downtime Extension

Hey guys,

We’re currently experiencing startup and login issues after today’s daily downtime.

Our operations team are currently looking into the cause of these problems, and hopefully we’ll be back online and accepting connections as soon as we can.

Please keep an eye on this thread for further updates.

Apologies for the inconvenience this downtime is causing.

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11:25 UTC

We are currently investigating login / SSO issues and hope to have Tranquility online soon.

11:30 UTC

Tranquility is now online and accepting connections.


Trying to log in my alt since 0127, keep getting token errors. Think there might be a problem… others are telling me the same.

You’re not the only one.

Huh, thought it was my internet. Glad I stopped by here to find out if something might be going on.

Gonna go play Elite until CCP fix this.

strike that thought, it’s back up.

Well when the server went below 20k players they probably noticed.

same here. apparently im not connected to the internet…interesting since im on discord and posting here…

For a moment I thought maybe the prophecy had come true.

I am unable to log into the client and the support side of the website, It let me log into the forums just now.

/edit/ Just got this from the support section

MIDDLEWARE ERROR : We were unable to log you in to the EVE Online Help center because our login middleware seems to be acting up.

ERROR REFERENCE CODE: ce5f5b60-aff2-4c7b-823a-ef011af6bad5

I’m getting an error on the launcher as well.

Sorry about that guys, we had a short hiccup with the login server that caused issues for a while.

All resolved now :slight_smile:


All is not resolved. Game still drop connections on players, and when you finaly connect back in you find yourself not connected to any of the channels,

gotta get that eve crack

It died again. It would be really grate, if the login servers would run for a full day without these problems. Since days I have to login to the launcher all my account at least once in every 24 hours., couse it got screwed after these issues.

It is down again…

No it isn’t.

I remember the patch days of the past, and the improvements over the years, but as of late I really am starting to remember those bad days all over again.

Channel issues, Login server issues, ghost ship issues, transaction issues, asset issues, asset transfer issues, something’s wrong with more than the hamsters. However you’re hooking up all the bits, it’s not working as intended.