2017/12/03 - Single Sign On / Login Issues


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Single Sign On / Login Issues

Hey guys,

We’re currently experiencing an issue with the SSO (Single Sign On) system after today’s daily downtime.

Right now, we’re in the process of fault-finding this issue, and hope to have it resolved soon.

Please keep an eye on this thread for further information!

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UPDATE - 11:55 UTC

We’re currently looking at several of our SSO servers and kicking them a bit for fault finding purposes. We hope to have this issue resolved soon!

UPDATE - 12:15 UTC

We’re still investigating this issue, and hope to have the situation resolved as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience this downtime is causing!

UPDATE - 12:40 UTC

SSO issues should now be resolved. Apologies for any inconvenience this downtime has caused.

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(Lasairiona Raske) #5

Thanks for the update. I guess I’ll go adult.

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #6

Tried it, didnt like it… want to be a kid again… - anyone got an age reversal machine?

(Sethriel Audeles) #7

Try Eve Online.

(Thematic Chaos Eto) #8

Cant… its broke!

(Sethriel Audeles) #9

Sh*t happens :smiley:

(Learning Curve) #10

Logger has been acting up all day with the spinning cog… and now were getting 404 messages about our accounts… I even had to go a round about way just to get in here to post… as I got a 404 message.

Its the weekend when 90% of the people play, and there are probably about 1,000 to 10,000 people who cannot get in… if I’m reading the player numbers correctly… cause it should be near 30k.

This is like the second weekend in a row with this stuff… like one of the staff is trying to plan weekend overtime by braking ■■■■ to get time and a half. Runs fine all week, just on the weekends it fucks up.

Oh, FYI… you have to log in here first in order to get into the game. Just saying.

(Scilent Boirelle) #11

I can’t log in at all, on the up side a whopping 221 players have been able to. I bet it seems like space now lol.

(Max Deveron) #12

454 accounts logged in…

(Furoth) #13

Bug is a lie. Dev team is playing.

(Zorlay) #14

what is wrong with the eve launcher we cannot get in
it keep try to loading account
hear here more have that problem after down time

(Got fuel) #15

(Eis Wolf) #16


(Jian Mira) #17

Looks like Eve has a problem… reboot… turn off and back on again!! lol

(Kynami Vaille) #19

Can’t get in. I see a grand total of 221 logged in over 15 minutes past the usual downtime ending. I’d say something royally screwed up by this point.

(Nadia Flex) #20

Nothing New, they have ruined and do not even know about it :smiley:

(Zorlay) #21

I did al couple of times stil notting

(Jian Mira) #22

me too lol