Clone Guard - Never lose a training clone

That’s the gist of it. I hope that with this more people can max out their skill potential and not be afraid to use training clones.

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I used it in beta and it works. You can customize it as well to not warn in certain situations as well. I wont lose high grades on a dread bomb with this tool. ( if i pay attention to my notifications :stuck_out_tongue: )

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If this is you, then there’s no excuse to not sign up:

The best thing to happen in Eve since Skill injections… no seriously this is a nicely rounded feature.
I get a mail if I’m in my learning clone while zipping around in the cormorants fleet. What could be nicer… especially after a few shots

Love this!!!

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V1.1 has been release which adds out of game notifications for when you forgot to switch back to your training clone. It’s opt-in, so make sure to activate it in your account settings.

@Rihan_Shazih Login on the website doesn’t seem to work anymore. Upon logging in on, it sends me to http://localhost:4200.

I have used this service since its release and it saved a couple of training implants, because I’m bad.

Additionally what I would like is a minimum limit on worth of implants before notification is sent. So if the total worth of my implants is less than like 10m, it will ignore it.

Thanks for reporting it. That was only a brief time where I accidentally deployed the dev version.

I’ll put the minimum value on the idea list :slight_smile: I would use fixed implant prices (as I do for the loss tracking).

Glad to hear you like it, spread the word :wink:

V1.2 has been deployed with advanced filters and “you should have those implants” notifications. Read more here:

I’m sorry for the spampocalypse that happened over the last hours. It appears that TQ doesn’t respond upon sending the mail (resulting in a 504 server error from esi), but actually sends the mail. This leads to retries over retries.

Clone Guard has been stopped for now and will be reactivated once the error above is resolved.

The Clone Guard is back up.

The app will get another update soon: An opt in notification to flag exempt if you’re undocked and in a combat capital ship.

There was a bug that lead to no more than 1 Discord notification being sent. It’s fixed now and you will get proper out of game notifications now.

Bad news: Esi does not tell me if one takes fleet warp, except if that char is currently fleet boss. I created a feature request. If you have a github account, please upvote it:

Unfortunately the certificate for the webapp was broken so that the login didn’t work from the 9th until now. It’s fixed and you can login again. The notifications were not affected.

I just heard about this service the other day and am definitely a bad that needs it, however, i cant seem to use it. it keeps telling me authentication failed. am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for reaching out. The login server is currently shitting itself: Ongoing login issues!

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