Time to get Implanted!

Hey guys, I tried to check for a specific category to post this, but i found nothing, so as because i’m a pvper and i only pvp, im deciding to post it here

I’ve been pvping since 2 months now, i lost billions of isks in ships and because im a newbie, 4 months in now, im deciding to get an implanted clone, i already have 24points in intelligence and perception, and i was wondering what kind of fit you can suggest me for my clone to cut time in skills

my skills queue is 104 days long, im focusing on a list of skills that will help me out with pvp, cpu managemente skills, powergrid mgmt skills, damage bonuses, shield bonuses, armor bonuses, tracking bonuses, range bonuses, rigs, spaceship commands and more.

my skill list is really coherent and focused on small stuff.

my question is, what kind of fit can you suggest me for my clone? im looking to spend <1b total
(of course im not going to pvp with it, the implanted clone will never undock)

thanks to whoever will spend his time in helping me!

To put it simply go for the improved as it gives +5 to an attribute. You can plug in only the ones you need for what your training.

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I’ll add to the above comment by suggesting that if you aren’t already using it you should look into EveMon because it’s great for skill planning and helps to ensure you get maximum sp/hr for the skills/attributes you have (or plan to have). Very helpful for planning attribute remaps too.


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First of all…

Learn to save your pod!

In low sec and high sec, it’s practically impossible to lose a pod if you know what you’re doing. In null sec and WH space you should only be losing your pod if there are bubbles on grid.

So pvping with an implanted pod certainly is a possibility.

There are certain implant sets which are quite worthwhile for newbie pvp. If you fly small ships (frigs to cruisers) a lot, halo implant are certainly worth looking at. They are cheap and very useful.

Only cheap implanted for pvp, and if you really need it, everything else is wasted.

For example, if you fly very expensive pvp ships in fleet, Then I would probably sacrifice a little on implanted.

But Pvp = lost Implanted and for what Eksempel 4% more damage implanted give only 28 more dps on a 700 dps gila. 28 more dmg dont not, Make no big difference,
in Eve online you can only win a fight on your skills or be more than the others and still be skilled :blush:

Fly safe and god luck on Eve Online :parrot:

Alternatively, because time can be an issue for some, and if you can afford it, you could opt to buy a Pvp toon off the character bazaar. Or use Skill injectors, and yes that ofc, only if you cannot wait for 104 days of skill time.

Btw @Samuele_KLLSM no bad KB for couple of months activity :+1:

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