Implants and clones

Can someone explain this implant and clone business to me…i tried to read few materials but not clear how to pursue this…have never tried implant…what will be the benefit
I will try to do magic 14 very soon …what implants shud i invest to reduce the time…is there a cap on howmuch i can invest in per attributes.

i only do null sec ratting thats all and i have 11 mil sp…dont know if its relevant or not

If you install +4 “standard” implants, you will train an additional 6 skill points per minute. 100% of the primary attribute and 50% of the secondary attribute. Doesn’t sound like much but it adds up to 3,153,600 SP/year.

As a new player I recommend you stick with a balanced attribute map since you’ll be training skills from all categories. When you start to focus and train level 5 skills it’s worth optimizing your attributes for that career path but once you burn your bonus remaps you can only change attributes once a year.



implants slightly improve some characteristics: speed, turrets damages etc
their cost increases exponentially with better bonuses
i suppose you are talking about the implants which improve some characteristics linked with the learning speed of certain skills (intelligence, perception etc). The max bonuses are +5. These implants will allow you to spare a few days maximum out of several weeks of learning .
So tldr: they are moderately useful if you have isks. for example +3 implant = 10Mish. so 50M if you take 5 implants for 5 charcteristics
Also implants are clone specific so if your pod gets destroyed you loose the implant

and please, don’t be lazy: google will usually give good infos

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so what do u suggest i start with…i like those factions ones
…can u bit explain the pods n clones

i have only one medical clone

it says i can have 4 additional jump clone (i think) apart from my medical clone… do i install implats in medical clone or jump clones…how to do that

i suggest you to NOT use implants until you know what you like and have a skill plan in your mind (pvp, pve, ratting, mining, industry, etc)

I suggest you to NOT BE LAZY and use google

i suggest you to join eve-uni or a newbie friendly corp to learn the basics

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Your decision to install training implants will depend to some extent on your budget and your clone status. +3 (basic) implants are roughly 10 million ISK each, +4 (standard) roughly 20 million ISK and +5 (improved) roughly 150 million. You will need cybernetics level 4 to install standard and level 5 to install improved. If your pod is destroyed - so are your implants. If your character is Alpha state - don’t bother with implants.

If you create jump clones, your training speed is determined by the implants in your active clone. Their main benefit is they let you instantly teleport between clones but there is a substantial cooldown between jumps. As a new player I wouldn’t worry about them until you have an obvious need.

There are a collection of core skills - the Magic 14 - that gives you an excellent foundation - where you go beyond that will depend on what you decide to do. Your skill plan will likely change many times as you change direction in the game!

Good luck.

  • Each clone has its own implants, and when you switch clones, the implants stay with the clone in the clone bay and don’t give any advantage until you reswitch again.

  • Medical clones are always “naked” (= empty, without any implants)

  • You have to set a new clone in an available clone bay on a station. After that, you can set new clones just by clone jumping: When you jump into an already created clone, the old one stays where you jump from.

  • You jump via “Character” -> “Jump Clones”. You have to leave your ship before!

  • In NPC Stations, there is a cooldown of 20 - 24 h. In player owned structures with clonebays there is no cooldown!

  • You cannot jump to or from wormholes, you can’t place your medical clone in wormholes.

  • If it’s likely to be podded, jump into a naked clone before (PvP, Abyss, Triglavians).

  • When you are podded or self destruct, you automatically return into your medical clone. When you are far away from home or in a wormhole, this is a valid way to return home quickly (called “Pod Express”).

Implants are always inplanted into the active clone you are in at the moment you press “plug in”. They can’t be removed without destruction of the implant, e.g. if you want to put in a better one.

how can i keep it in the station n switch to it when I m not online,…it will be my offline implants
…i already bought a + 4 set

Unless you are basing out of an Upwell with a clone bay, that isn’t really an option due to the cooldown for clone jumping (20-24 hours between clone jumps). If you are operating from an Upwell with a clone bay, you can jump between your active clone and a jump clone on that specific upwell station while docked there without triggering the cooldown, which is good for swapping between a clean clone while doing stuff in space, and a training clone while docked up for the night.

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this is the best guide i have found so far …installed +4 …

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