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I am new to EVE Online and so I request my experienced brethren to help me. Can anyone give me a detailed explanation about implants and how to use them at their fullest potential?

I’d find this useful too.

Here you are.

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Thank you. :smiley::smile:

Implant slots 1-5 are used for attribute enhancement and let you train skills a bit faster. If you have a set of Standard +4 implants you will train an additional 6 skill points/minute (4 for the primary attribute and 2 for the secondary) which is roughly an extra 3 million SP/year. +4 implants cost roughly 20 million each on the market.

Slots 6-10 are skill hard wiring. These add a bonus to skills - making your ship faster, more agile or more resistant to damage, improve the range/accuracy of your weapons, or add a bit of CPU/Power or capacitor, etc… It’s a question of marginal utility - sometimes a very small change can make a very big difference!

The downside to implants is that they only affect the active clone and they are destroyed if you die,

More info:

  • Implants are like rigs, once they are installed, they have to be destroyed if you want to unplug.
  • They fit to different slots (see above)
  • They are part of only one clone, and are lost if that clone is podded or destroyed in the clone bay
  • They help in Skilling and different abilities basing on skills (see above)
  • you have to train Cybernetics to use implants.
  • They are managed via Neocom -> Character sheet

You can have have multiple clones with different sets of implants, or, change to an empty clone if you are doing something especially dangerous by using jump clones.

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