Idea #51: Implants reimagined


(Faxat) #1

There was an attempt a while ago to tackle implants, attributes and training modifiers in general. I’m not sure what came from all that, but I found this on my list and figured I’d share it.

First order of business is to remove attributes and normalizing current multipliers down to just 5 levels. Keeping the average time to get into specific ships roughly the same, this shouldn’t require a terrible amount of work, and pilots that have too much trained vs old skillpoint # can just be reimbursed through free skill points :slight_smile:
Here is an example of such a redistribution:

Now, when this is done, it’s time to remove all skill books, have all skills available behind unlock payments directly on the character page. Once this is out of the way we can get down to the actual implant suggestion:

Convert all level 1 implants into skill implants, while also adding these to npc drop tables and seeding through lp / mission rewards etc. With these working as both an alternative unlock, and an actual skill implant setting a 1x skill to level 4 this provides an interesting dynamic not only with regards to what happens when you loose the clone, but also how the market can now to some degree compete with the NPC locked prices based on popularity. By also adding effective skill levels, this sidesteps training in a different way than injectors, and while the skill is now unlocked it will revert to 0 if you loose the implant and have not trained the skill at all, any training in the skill will stack with regards to module use and bonuses - but not by skill requirements for training.

All other implants are converted into their respective tier of implant upgrade. These will when used on a level 1 implant upgrade it to it’s respective level, as shown in this table:

This should in theory help keep the monetary value of these implants, since they can be compared to some degree with skill injectors. At the same time we now introduce back into the game the idea of skill loss, while streamlining some annoyances that have plagued new eden since the beginning, while also removing an entire market category.

I will keep these ideas coming for the foreseeable future (Quite the list over the years), and hopefully there will be some healthy discussion here on the new forums! :slight_smile: