Remove implant attribute bonuses & other changes

Greetings dear capsuleers and developers of Eve Online!
I want to suggest few changes which can make the game more friendly and interesting for new (and maybe experienced) players:

  1. Removing implant bonuses which increase player’s attributes (Willpower, Perception, Memory, Intelligence and Charisma).
    Instead of that all these attributes will be increased by 5 for all players permanently.
    This change can encourage players to visit dangerous places of space without risking to lose hardly acquired skill learning speed implants.

  2. Adding to game few rookie ships: frigate, destroyer, cruiser, logistic ship, mining ship and transport.
    Any of these ships can be taken by player for free at non-hostile station.
    Features of rookie ships are:

  • not affected by player skills and has only role bonuses. These ships has reduced damage and other parameters compare to normal ships. But still it allow new players to study game mechanics for free
  • can be fitted by civilian modules only (you will get these modules for free at any station)
  • if you want to change one module to another just right-click on module slot and choose any civilian module you want from module list
  • ships cannot be reprocessed or sold. it leaves no wreck after was destroyed (only container with loot)
  • player can have only one rookie ship at same time, but also can replace it to different class rookie ship at station (frigate to cruiser for example)
  • pre-build fits available for rookie ships. It can help players to figure out how to fit ships for active/passive tanking, pvp, logistics, fleet bonuses etc.
  • rookie ships aren’t allow to initiate agressive actions on players in high-sec space (except duels and self-defence situations). So these ships will be useless for suicide gunkers
  1. Make mining profitable for players who playing with one account at same time.
    When player activating mining laser on asteroid mining-mini-game appears. It cannot be played efective on few account windows because it requires quite fast reactions from player. While playing miner get isotops which can be used later for rare modules producing.
    These rare modules can be: t2 salvage drones, passive armor/hull regenerate nano-module, exotic goods cargohold etc.
    Mini-game can be played cooperative by few miners.

  2. Daily dungeon quest.
    Can be completed solo or with random fleet (by 5, 10, 20 players). Player choose his role (damager, logist or fc) and press start button for seeking other pilots. When group is ready all pilots will be teleported to isolated space - dungeon. Existing game content can be used for dungeons (agents mission like Angel Extravaganza etc). Players aren’t allow to shot each other while located in dungeon. When dungeon quest goals achieved all players return back to locations they was taken from and get a reward. Reward can be 5,000 free skillpoints for omega and 2,000 skilpoints for alpha accounts.

  3. Faction wars changes
    No need to change corporation for FW participate. Just get privateer (or mercenary) licence at any faction station by one-click. Privateer ship will be attacked in hostile faction space. Also player will not lose standing to hostile faction while located in systems involved in faction wars.
    This change will allow players to participate FW and then fly safe in high-sec space while they have no active privateer license. Privateer license can be canceled at faction station at any time.
    Daily quests for FW also can be a good idea.

Swap the clones and visit those places without risking implants.

Corvettes are enough.

What if ship has several (8) mining lasers?




Eve is a game of choices and consequences, risk vs reward. So adding risk-free and just free stuff will always be a definite NO. Daily quests should burn in hell.


There are rookie ships that they can automatically fly. Gnosis, sunesis, Praxis etc.
I consider those “rookie” ships since very low leveling is required to sit in any of them.

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Repeat after me:
“Implants are a luxury good. Not an absolute need.”

You have Corvettes (the original Rookie ships that were renamed for “reasons”).

After that you pretty much have all of the SoCT (Society of Conscious Thought) ships.
While they technically are “non-replenishable” ships due to limited releases, there is enough quantity already out on the market that prices are stable.
And they are legitimately “decent” ships to boot.

Regarding transports and logi ships…
The Tech 1 versions are relatively cheap that anyone can buy them.
And some other ships can be shoehorned into the role for cheap too (e.g. Exploration Frigates can be used as cheapo transports for low-volume stuff).

The funny thing about mining is that it is a “base level” activity. Meaning anyone can do it with a few easily trained skills and a cheap ship.

Because the barrier to entry is so low, many people mine.
And then you have groups that can mine VERY efficiently.

This creates a glut of supply which lowers prices for minable materials.
And because of the low prices for the product, the income for the activity is low.

If you try to increase a solo miner’s ability to suck up rocks/ice, you by extension increase everyone’s. This increases the supply further and makes the money one can make per unit mined even less.

The only ways to remedy this are to:

  • increase the demand for ores/ice (see: increase destruction of things in the game)
  • increase scarcity of ores/ice (see: reduce the amount of stuff that can be mined or make it harder to mine)

waves around to all the activities that can be done

Abyssal sites… invasions… missions… DED stuff… take your pick.
Jus duu eet!

What you are describing already exists.

You do not need to join a corporation to be a part of FW.
Simply dock in the NPC station belonging to the faction of your choice and click “join.”

However, you do have to commit for at least 3 days. Otherwise you invite abuse from “farmers” (more than already exists).


I’ll throw in my 2 cents:


  1. Removing implant bonuses which increase player’s attributes

Makes sense, atributes are a really bad game desing to beging with. I would much rather see all the implants to have an affect that has nothing to do with the speed you are aquiring skill points.

  1. rookie ships: […]
  • pre-build fits available for rookie ships.

Pre-build fits and practical training on why they are fitted thus, would really help the new player experience, if it was implemented into the tutorials. There is no need to make new ships for roles that T1 frigates, that cost around 0.25mil/hull, already fill.

  1. TLDR: Remove vertical scaling from mining

What are you going to replace it with as the motivation for hard core players to keep 10+ accounts/person subbed?

  1. Daily dungeon quest […] in an instanced space.

No, this is a sandbox game, this does not belong here.

  1. FW changes […]

No, this is rather silly and serves no purpose, unless FW gets an full re-design pass.

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