Please get rid of skill implants

There shouldn’t be any mechanics that reward you for not playing the game. I realize jump clones in citadels mitigate the problem somewhat, but why do it at all? It’s not fun to have to jump clone before going to pvp. It’s less fun to forget to jump clone before going to pvp.

(and on the subject of jump clones, please make it so you can stay in your ship if you’re transferring to a clone in the citadel you’re docked in)

Skilling while not playing is one of the selling points of EVE. It is a direct counter to the grind-based progression system MMO where you have to log in and have to hunt NPC and have to farm all sorts of things to progress your character. EVE allows you to progress logged in and logged out, and that is good.

You do not have to jump clone. You could just man up like us in the past (the time when you had to insure your clone or lose SP) and just PVP with affordable implants. Or you don’t use implants at all like I because you have got time anyway and don’t need a skill “right away”. The choice to JC out of your training clone is your choice, not EVE’s choice made for you.


I’m not arguing to get rid of skilling while not playing.

I’m not sure there are affordable skill implants in faction warfare. From watching pvp streams, it seems like even the good players get podded every 30 minutes.

I consider +3s affordable. However, if you get (or think you will get )podded that often, no implants are your best friends. Makes you feel a lot more relaxed about everything.

It has been discussed heavily in the past with even CCP wanting to remove them but concerned about the LP market with learning implants removed.

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I have no problem whatsoever with skill implants, I like that I get to kill an expensive pod when people forget to swap out. I also think it’s good that there is some cost and barrier to entry for SP farming (i.e. They need to train cybernetics 5 and buy a set of +5s).

What I have the biggest problem with is remapping. Why are we locked into one remap a year?? What is the point?


tbh, what I’d like to see is all attributes set to a level which can’t be changed, across the board. No remaps. And for skill implants to be replaced with something more like accelerators (from the LP store)

Getting the costs to balance right is a concern though.

And dealing with the people crying over either them getting fewer skill points per month, or who are crying about everyone else getting the same.


Not sure I like replacing implants with accelerators, I feel like that would open the door to LP-based accelerators and then “premium” accelerators, available in the NES store for only $10.99!

But killing remaps would be nice.

Honestly if the CSM could just talk ccp into letting the LP market fall where it will if skill implants are removed that would be epic. People will work out new ways to make isk if the lp market falls too much.
The other way to fix the lp market would be removing tags from the faction items. Turn the tags into the same as the clone soldiers towards Concord. Fix faction standing. (or similar at least. I wish it happened over time. input tags. start “fixing” standing. wait a week and don’t be naughty so it’s not an instant fix then shoot more).
Keeps tags having value given how often people want to fix standings. might encourage more to fw knowing standings can be fixed later. And helps LP value.

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Wouldn’t that have to involve also not making them better or more desirable than event accelerators?

Would LP accelerators that have longer durations but lower boosts work?

Example: For the cost of a full set of +5 implants you could purchase a 3 day accelerator that gives a +4 boost or something? With biology 5 it would last 6 days.

Depends how they’re implemented, tbh.

They could stack with the event ones, for example.

The faction standing thing is something I’ve wanted for a while now. The existence of the faction standing repair plan isn’t a good thing. Mostly because the people who end up needing it, need it because of actions taken when it wasn’t obvious what the outcome was. (I just did the missions I was given! Why can’t I go to space X any more?!)

iirc, a lot of LP is sunk into implants. it surprised me how much.

Oh yeah. I believe it is loads. And I’m sure it would devalue LP a bit. But this is EVE. People will adapt and it vastly improves things.

Stacking might have been problematic in the past, but with skill injectors and extractors not so much anymore.
having them expire will definitely be a net gain for the LP markets, more so than current implants.

I like the changing implants to temporary skill accelerators idea. It solves the problem of punishing people for wanting to pvp, and it prevents the potential problem of the LP market getting completely wrecked. I also wouldn’t mind remaps going away.

If I remember the concept correctly, ability scores would completely go away with static training amounts.

Temporary skill accels actually present an even steeper wall to new players. Therefore any buyable via the LP store are even worse of an idea.
Flat rate training, no remaps, with event boosters is fine. Especially since we have injectors.

Who said anything about new bros?
This change would be to help encourage PVP.

Sure, but doing it in such a way that increases the wall new players face is not a good solution.
It should at least be neutral.

That “wall” is already there, a new player won’t be purchasing high end learning implants from the start, even +3 learning implants are an expensive endeavor for a new player.
Changing learning implants to accelerators will have a new 0 impact on new players.