Skill and Implant Reform

I took this from a Reddit post. Making these changes with implants and stats would get me, the most carebear of all carebears, to actually undock and head out to null for pvp. Yes, I know you can switch clones in citadels with only a minor timer, but you will lose out on skill points while you’re out and about blowing things up. That bugs me and I know it bugs others.

  • Skillpoints and learning
  1. All attributes set to some value between 26 & 32 permanently, remaps removed.

  2. Remaps are a bad game mechanic that punishes new players who need skills from many different attribute types. A bad remap can screw new players for a very long time as remaps have a 1 year cooldown. This change gives around 40ish base SP/min for all skills, which is more than an optimal remap currently.

  • All + Attributes removed from implants
  1. Learning implants impose a cost on losing your pod and again impact new players the most since they need SP the most but are least able to afford replacing implants. Implants also create an “SP cost” from using implant sets, causing players to have a “learning clone” safe and out of the way with +5’s. People who jump clone into learning clones are discouraged from undocking, which is not a good thing.
  • All pilots given biology V for free
  1. Learning implants in LP store replaced by long duration “Learning boosters” in 5 tiers similar to current implants that grant +X to all attributes. These Boosters persist through death, and with Biology V these boosters last for 30 days. Additional boosters of the same quality taken extends time, better boosters overwrite worse ones with no time refund.

  2. This replaces learning implants in LP stores as the constant demand item to prop up the price of LP. Having this persistent booster removes the cost of losing a pod that doesn’t give combat benefits, working on the same reasoning used to remove clone costs. Never fear that flying small ships will cost you your +4’s or +5’s.

  • Injected SP now no longer penalizes by existing SP, but rather by skill rank. 1x to 3x skill recieve free SP at a 100% ratio, 4x to 6x receive SP at a 80% ratio, 7x to 9x receive free SP at a 60% ratio, and so forth.
  1. Changes the nature of injectors from Titan/Rorqual expresses into something that is useful to everyone to patch up missing skills. This is a buff to people who have higher SP, multipurpose alts (usually players with less alts), and a nerf to super-specialized injected alts that fulfill one purpose.

I’m curious as to how many people actually intentionally don’t undock because they have learning implants with the changes that came to it with Upwell Structures and clone bays in said structures.

You wear the implants you can afford to lose, just like ships and implants are not a new player item.


Making it simpler for new players by “removing things” is the dumb hammer approach.

Based on your reply, it seems like you didn’t actually read my post since you’re conflating the implants and remaps sections. Please actually read it and correct your response. Thanks.

These changes add nothing to the game, all they due is make a coding nightmare for no gains to the community or CCP. -8

You’re going to have to back up your statements. I laid out the benefits quite well in my post. Just walking in and saying “all they due” is make a coding nightmare isn’t accurate or useful.

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