Cleanup/Remove Remaps

Can we just do away with the remapping mechanic?

You could convert the equivalent bonus to implants and just make a new class. Call them “Hardened” implants, allow them to stack to the current level of bonus (so no actual change in total bonus), and make them last through podding (since remaps already do). Then limit these new implants to 1 “Elite Hardened” and 1 “Improved Hardened” (current equivalent of 2 maxed attributes) or 3 “Superior Hardened” (equivalent of 3 even distributions).

What’s the outcome? Removal of an overly complicated game mechanic that’s easy for new players to screw up and never get back (the bonus remaps). Same total min/max as current system (so no help to SP farmers). I little more flexibility in planning skill queues (not having to wait a year to make a major change).

Thoughts? (Like actual constructive criticism or supported arguments)

At the point they are touching the system they should just be removing attributes all together.
They themselves have said that as far as training/etc goes it’s a poor system and that it impacts on players getting out in space doing stuff.
The thing that held them back was fear of impacting the LP markets too much. Something which your idea ends up doubling down on the issue rather than solving it.

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AFK cloaky camping is another mechanic that impacts people and prevents them from doing stuff in space. CCP won’t do away with that for good (or bad, depends on your perspective) reasons.

Implants don’t prevent people from doing things in space. This hideous mindset that you must under all circumstances min-max everything prevents people from going out when they have implants. Not to mention that you now have lots of opportunities to leave your precious training clone behind and just go out within seconds to die without implants. Furthermore, only having the necessary 2 +3 implants for your current training is not going to push you into bankruptcy.
CCP also says lots of funny things. Just look at their lies about how SP for Injectors would always only come from players creating them. Or look at what Falcon regularly throws into the wild.

But overall it would help if people would stop seeing implants and remapping as a must and instead as a nice bonus that you can use when you feel like it’s necessary. That’s how I do it. For years now, I have been training without using any implants and I train things regardless of my attribute point distribution.

Removing the current system will, furthermore, only open the doors for CCP to introduce NES stats boosters or training boosters, turning another old free system into a paid-only system.

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Sure, it’s great when you no longer are starving for SP and are now one of the old guard to say implants aren’t needed, and remaps aren’t relevant.
It sucks for the ‘newer’ player, being anyone under about 50 Million.
And it punishes you for exploring different playstyles.

Training Implants are similar to the old learning skills, you get benefit from them by not undocking and just letting them work, and get punished by undocking with them before you are done with them.
A system that rewards staying docked is a bad system.
There simply is no defending that. And AFK cloaking is a totally different matter that can’t be compared.

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It only sucks for those who cannot wait. I have stopped using implants regularly well before I hit 100M SP. And I have not remapped since 2012 because it is unnecessary.

Industry is also a system that rewards you for staying docked. Everything you do is secured by collateral from courier contracts. So is market trading. People who complain about implants just can’t manage themselves properly.

Industry does not reward you for staying docked. Industry works the same regardless of if you dock or undock, you don’t suddenly lose all your industry because you got shot.
That’s what makes your arguments not applicable, you are trying to compare things that simply aren’t the same.

Implants work just as fine when you are undocked. You just need to be a little bit more careful what you do and how you do thing. Just as you need to be careful with industry and setting up contracts so that you don’t screw yourself over by missing a 0 or installing the wrong thing.

These things are very much comparable.


I just don’t see this as a priority, it will not cure people who will not fly until a certain skill is learned because the truth is that is just an excuse for pixel fear.

How about stop getting podded when you’re undocked? Then you won’t be wasting your implants. If you know you’re going to be in an op, just change your clones.

Frankly, Pearl Abyss should go forward and have CCP sell remap tokens. Tiancity was doing so before the sale to NetEase.

They used to give them out pretty liberally, not sure what happened there.

Yeah and with instant clone swap ability in upwell structures I don’t see the strength of a risk aversion argument when players can store their training pod and swap back before logging off.

Or is risk aversion from structure only wardecs that significant a problem?

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