Remap in a can

What are the reasons CCP does not sell remaps?
Not trolling here want some constructive criticism.

CCP wants to get rid of attributes entirely so remaps would be a thing of the past and it would be an unnecessary step left rather than straight ahead imo to give paid remaps before such a change.

Well it worked out well when they got rid of learning skills, so i’m excited to see attributes go as well if that really is on their agenda. (As long as they don’t go and make skills take 5x longer or 5x shorter…)

I think CCP is still struggling to find a compensation for attribute implants. Those are an important LP store item for mission runners. Back then attribute boosters were discussed … those we have now, but are tight into the event ecosystem, and tailored as a temporary thing.

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The question itself in this origin looks like a trolling attempt. Sell remaps please no!

They should change it to 6 month intervals. It makes sense with current accelerators and skill injectors.

Attribute removal? So much work for what? They dont even put a on/of button for chatbubbles and there were threads locked because people raged because you cant turn them off.


All skill’s and training time as well as most implants currently available in-game are heavily dependent on attributes. Getting rid of attributes would require a complete rework of the game.

The only reason I can think of for getting rid of attributes would be to stop players from having faster skill training time than other players. If the idea of removing attributes is to make all characters be completely equal then that’s just plain stupid.

What’s next, remove skills and skill queue from the game too? Might as well make each Factions ships have the same stats and fit one specific way. Then every character will be completely equal regardless if the player is a Vet or a Newb.

Somebody at CCP seriously needs to get off of the Instant Gratification mindset. Trying to level the playing field so that brand new characters can be Titan FC’s on day 1 is what’s killing the game…


It is already disheartening to look at the requirement for some ships and go…wow, I remember having to train a bunch of skills to L5 to sit in that. Now you need a few at L4 and some L3’s.

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