Buy & sell attribute remap certificates

I would like to buy attribute remap certificates from the in game market and/or from New Eden Store. They could also drop as sell able loot. Since we can buy skill point injectors, why not bonus remaps? You could of course limit their use to a few times a year if it harms the implant market. Please consider.

Thanks for the best game.

CCP already sells SP why would they sell this… and not just another accelerator

No. Let’s not waste a second more of development time on that system. Find a way to change how attribute boosters work and delete the attribute system entirely. I’m all for trade offs when it comes to game play, but training speed/progression shouldn’t be one of them. Make everyone and everything train at the same rate, with some boosters of course offered as tasty carrots during events or whatever to drive player activity.

Because accelerators are very short term, a day or week. Injection is immediate but you pay for a lot of SP that is lost in the process. Remapping attributes is for a longer term strategy and would be ISK efficient.

As far as I know, CCP has already ruled out removing attributes because it would destroy the LP store which is an enormous ISK sink. Apparently attribute implants are just too integral to the EVE economy. I would prefer to remove attributes altogether, but it’s not going to happen any time soon if ever. So the next best thing would be to sell remap certificates, which would also be another income source for CCP.

No, that is just the ready why they haven’t done so yet. The economic effects would indeed be very significant. But they still say they want to.

And they just should. Repurpose those implants somehow if need be, or just bite the bullet and let the economy re-equilibrate. But let’s not monetize or spend effort on a system that should be deprecated.

That’s my opinion of course. But I think the only work done on the attribute system should be towards removing it.

If they change attribute implants to +% skill learning speed implants and made it so that having ALL 5 of max grade +% ones would give you same speed boost as 2 +5’s now for the given skill. Then it will work just as well or even better.

The change would also put a dent to skill farms a bit (because no more remap for max speed training certain skills).

lol just like they ruled out selling LP or like they ruled out daily log ins

you mean something that gets you to buy over and over? yeah why would they want to go with that model

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