Sell attribute remap passes to get around 1yr cool down

I many players really who do not like the 1 year cool down on attribute remaps, and wanted to propose the idea of creating a ‘neural remap pass’ which could be either sold on the new eden store or on the online store for IRL money, which, when consumed, would grant the user a single use ability to remap their attributes, even if your normal remap is on cool down.

There should definitely be an omega only cap, and ideally there should be a limit on how many passes you can be used, so as not to stack up unused remaps, like the amount of remaps granted to a brand new character, as well as a cap on pass remap activations within a certain time frame , so as not to let them take the place of cerebral accelerators.

In game, these items should have a price point that is high enough to discourage hoarding , without being exorbitant, as well as at the online store.

This proposal would solve an issue with long term skill queues, while simultaneously giving CCP a revenue source.

I would love to hear your feedback on this proposal.

Thank you

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Many players don’t like consequences or be forced to make choices even though this is one of the main themes of Eve Online. They moan and complain that they can’t do everything, or that their ship has trade-offs, or they can’t achieve some calculated ISK/h - at its core this is all largely petulant complaining that they game doesn’t let them “win” and have everything they want.

Remaps were there so you had the choice of specializing in training in one class of skills at the expense of another. You don’t have to remap, and can keep more flexibility if you don’t, but also at a cost of slower training time. It’s a perfectly reasonable system and is completely undermined if you just let people change their mapping whenever they want.

I get there are some legitimate concerns here, especially with new players making these choices before they understand enough of the game, but the solution isn’t to charge money to let players bypass the intended tradeoff of a game mechanic. You could do more constructive things like make changes that limit the permanence or to the amount of remapping a newer player can do. Or you could just delete the whole damn remap system.

One thing you should not do is sell a pass to players that trivializes a problematic game mechanic for real-world money. That just leaves the core problem and corrodes the integrity of your open-world game some more.

So -1 on this idea.


On a player level I agree with you. The thing we need to remember is CCP is a Business, and they’re in the business of making money.

Also I hear you about the p2w type thing, which is why I would add a caveat that there should be a cap or cool down on usage.

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The point of attribute remaps is to let you make meaningful choices. Meaningful choices about training specialisation in this case. It rewards planning ahead.

Once we let people pay to ignore meaningful choices, there is no reason for this system to exist.

Basically what you are asking for is to be able to pay to gain more SP. But that option already exists!

Have you considered buying plex and selling it in the market for skill injectors? Or cerebral accelerators?

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I do see what you’re saying, but cerebral accelerators/skill injectors are only good for short term fixes. I was looking for something more longer term, hence my suggestion. Plus if you goof up on your remap, you’re screwed for a year, with zero recourse. If not selling remaps, then offer a method of reverting remaps within a certain amount of time, kind of like an undo button. Or, show a live tracker of the training time changes as you plan out your remap, so that you can experiment with the changes before committing to them.

You have two undo buttons, the free remaps. Use them wisely.

Probably the more streamlined solution is to decouple remaps from ‘time’ and tie them to skillpoints earned or injected.

If you generally earn around 23mil SP per year, make the baseline one remap every 20mil SP either earned or injected.

Choices for skill plans still matter, you technically have the option to pay for ‘remaps’ with cash or ISK by injecting in blocks on 20mil SP, and the consequences of choice become stronger with the diminishing returns on injectors (harder to pay your way to a remap above 80mil SP).

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Or people could learn to just mellow out and not worry about it.

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