Still unclear about the neural remap

So I’m not sure about this. On the character sheet, it says I have two bonus remaps available. However, when I went about reallocating the attribute points, then went to confirm it, the game told me I would have to wait 12 months until I could do it again.

Is that a bug? I don’t want to remap to train for more capacitor capacity faster, only to find out that I’m then locked into those attributes for an entire year.

No. The game client is correct as you are using your currently available “standard” remap and will not be able to use it again for 12 months. You can however, use one of your bonus remaps during that time.

Just a general recommendation, I would never use a remap (two if you remap back to a balanced set of attributes) to train a single skill. I would use a tool like EveMon to plan out at least a 6 month skill plan and have it calculate what remap is best, and even then I wouldn’t use the remap unless it shaved weeks off that training time.


So essentially I can use the remap.

I tried EveMon and found it to be bad. I didn’t like the UI and found it difficult to use; it’s not intuitive.

I’m an Alpha, and it will be a while until I can go and support Omega, so at this particular point in time, I’m not too worried about ‘wasting’ the remaps, nor am I really looking 6 months down the road; more like “when can I max the Alpha skills on this tree.”

I won’t be worried about combat ships for a while either. I can remap to make cap management go faster, then do it again for gunnery 5, then go back to balanced attributes.

This is a horrible idea. There are so many other skills that have similar attributed to cap management that you could speed train before switching.

In general all science, engineering, shield, and armor skills are intelligence and memory skills.

All ship, gunnery, and missile skills are perception/willpower.

Plan accordingly. Use evemon to create a plan that lets you train skills that share attributed.

And here’s the thing, you will not get another bonus remap. So wasting them can lead to years lost if you do go omega.

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Yes. Go for it. You can use it, and will have to wait 12 months for it to refresh, but the two bonus ones you can then use whenever you want.

There are other choices, like the IOS and Android apps which can do it, as well as a website like:

It’s your choice, but you probably won’t even notice the speed increase for a single skill - like a fraction of a day for a week or two long skill. Maybe use the yearly one if you don’t plan to subscribe for a while as it will refresh, but you might want to hold on to the bonus ones at least as they can come in very handy when you are setting up a 6 month or year long skill plan as you probably will want to if/once you go Omega.

The bonus ones never come back, and only rarely, and not in years, have been handed out by CCP. Whatever you do, don’t use the last one without putting yourself back into a reasonably balanced mapping.

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You get one remap / year. When you use it, the game will warn you that you won’t be able to remap again for a year. But if you click ok, your character sheet will say “Next available remap: 364 days 23 hrs 59 min etc. Bonus Remaps: 2.” And a [Remap Now] button to click. The button will disappear once you run out of remaps.

There are no known sources of remaps; once you’ve used the 2 bonus ones, that’s it, you’re down to the yearly one.

In order to cope with the yearly one, if you look at the skills, they fall into 3 broad categories:

Int / Mem - Engineering, Armor, Shields, Rigging, Industry, Science - basically support skills and industry skills
Per / Wil - Spaceship Command, Guns, Missiles, Drones - ship and weapon skills
Other - a few groups involve charisma but they don’t have many skills in them

For the first year, the best choice is to keep the even-spread remap and just train whatever you need; if you try to stick to int/mem or per/wil, you’ll get bored and/or make yourself sit in station cause you don’t have the skills, and end up hating the game.

After the first year, it’s possible to train up support skills for a year, then ships and weapons for the next year.

EDIT: Also, the formula is you get Primary Attribute + 1/2 Secondary Attribute (as listed in each skill you add to the queue) of skillpoints per every 2 minutes (for Alpha, per minute for Omega). So before you do the remaps, you can figure out what the effect will be. Typically it’s 10-15%, so in a month you gain 3 days.

The tech 2 ships are wil/per, not per/wil.
Industry, most mining (except Astrogeology, which is int/mem), and refining skills are mem/int.
Weapon upgrades is per/mem, advanced is per/wil.

If you want to poke at PI, (advanced) planetology and remote sensing are int/mem, and the command center upgrades/interplanetary consolidation are cha/int.

And if you poke at trade, trade, broker relations, accounting, and retail are wil/cha, and most of the rest of them are cha/mem.

Those infotips telling you the attributes of the groups aren’t correct for everything.

Don’t need skills for accounting, I went to school for that. :smiley:

Aside from that, I’m really not worried about the social skills. Maybe one level here and there to get more ISK/LP out of doing missions for them, but that’s about it. I plan on having a pretty basic character.

I still think the better openings for Alpha clones would have been battlecruisers and one mining barge.

What specifically do you mean by support skills? Your basic shield / armor / engineering / navigation skills?

For ships, I’m gonna max out mining frigate and mining first before anything else related to ships.

Yes, support skills are the skills in the categories: Engineering, Navigation, Armor, Shields, Rigs, Electronics, Targeting, and a couple skills under Science that govern overheating modules, using hardwired implants, and using boosters (all of these can make a difference in PVP).

These skills make ALL your ships perform better, and in general ships are tuned / balanced by CCP with the expectation that you’ll have increasingly good support skills as you go up in ship sizes. For example, a frigate can be effective if you just throw in a couple weapons and a small shield booster, but cruisers and battlecruisers rely on you having the required skills to install a decent shield tank with full damage resistances etc. And by the time you get to capital ships, those ships are so expensive that you’ll want to have a lot of the support skills maxed out at 5, so that you don’t lose 2 billion ISK worth of ship because you didn’t have that last 5% of shield available when you were attacked.

In addition, Tech 2 (specialized) ships have support skills as prerequisites. For example, you must have the Navigation skill Evasive Maneuvering maxed out at 5 to be able to train for Interceptor frigates. So that gives another reason to train these support skills.

And finally, some support skills are so important that it’s recommended you max them out at 5 even though they’re not prerequisites. The Engineering skills Power Grid Management and CPU Management govern how much grid and CPU you have available for fitting things into all your ships, and without these two skills maxed out, you won’t be able to fit the good stuff into your ships; you’ll literally have to go with 1 less gun or much weaker defenses, in some cases.

Here are the EVE University guide on training skills and recommendations for support skills.

The accounting skills are magical reductions to overhead for when you sell stuff in empire space, which you do need of you trade much in Empire space. If you don’t trade much, they are merely nice.

The social reputation skills are magical increases to the rep you have and can get from an agent, which also tie into the accounting skills in Empire space. Having reputation with the right faction/corp helps with broker fees.

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