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Hi there,

I wish to use a Viator for hauling but the time to train the prerequisites are rather a long while to myself. What would I remap my attributes to so that it becomes faster?

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Well first I’d like to point out that remapping your attributes for one thing is entirely pointless, you may be thinking its ok because of the free remaps, but keep in mind that once those are gone you are forced to wait a whole year to remap again, so you are better off in making a long term plan and use a tool like EvEmon to help you plan your skills through a year as it suggests the ideal remap for the year of skills in training.

Also, you can see the attributes on the skill info, both primary and secondary.
Gallente Industrial V - Perception/Willpower
Spaceship Command III - Perception/Willpower
Transport Ships I - Willpower/Perception
Spaceship Command III - Perception/Willpower
Industry V - Memory/Intelligence

So if you really must remap for a single thing that takes 30 days, Perception and Willpower are your go-to attributes.

Oh and don’t forget, implants are your best friend!

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You’d be better off planning a 3-6 month training plan in evemon or similar and following the mapping and implant recommendations.

I wouldn’t plan longer than 6 months unless you are training a specific role pilot as your goals in game change as you can do more. That’s just my view of course.

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Skills typically require the following attributes:

Per, Wil - ship skills, weapon skills
The weapon skills can take a while to train, if you’re aiming for Tech 2 weapons (you should), because of high prerequisites.

Int, Mem - support skills (Engineering, Electronics, Armor, Shields, etc.) and industry / science skills
The support skills are definitely recommended training for any pilot, and there are many of them, resulting in a somewhat lengthy training session. Some of the support skills must be trained to 5 to meet prerequisites for the various Tech 2 specialized ships (interceptors, cov-ops, HAC’s, etc.).

Charisma - leadership / command skills (required for command battlecruisers and for fleet boosting), social skills (improve PVE mission rewards)
The social skills won’t take much time, but the command skills may take a few months.

As for a training plan, during the first year, you need many skills from all the categories above, and you need them “as the situation arises”, which means that the best attribute distribution is the “even across the board” that you start with. After the first year, you can ruin your fun by setting aside a whole year to train nothing but support skills, then a whole year to train nothing but ship and weapon skills, and continue alternating like that. It ruins your fun because you won’t be able to unlock the “cool” ships as you encounter them / get interested in them, making the whole process a sit-in-station-and-sulk type affair.

There have been several requests to remove attributes altogether; set skill training to whatever the max “optimal remapping” rate is right now, and get rid of the attributes themselves. Opposition to the idea comes mostly from people wanting implants to be “useful” and desirable.

In any case, for your particular transport ship, the ship skills won’t take that long, but as far as surviving gatecamps with it, you may need high support skills (armor, shields, etc.) so you can maximize the ship’s chances by installing Tech 2 or better defenses on it. So even if you remap to per/wil to train the ship skill, you’ll need to switch back to int/mem to train the support skills for survival. All in all it’s probably a waste of your “free remaps” to do it.

Depending on how much ISK you want to waste on “I want it now!!!”, you could inject the skillpoints for the ship skills and then just focus on training the support skills over time, so you get better and better at surviving. Shouldn’t be more than a couple injectors required.

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