The neural remapping

I was woundering that if I have 1 neural remapping atm and if I use this one I can neural remap, but if I dont use it this year will I be able to stack it next year?

There are two types of remaps:

  • Regular remaps: they are the first to be used and if you use it, it will start a cooldown of one year
  • Bonus remaps: You start with some, I’m not sure if there are ways to gain them otherwise. You can bank these.
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Regular Remaps:
If your character sheet says “Remap Available: NOW” then that’s a “regular” remap that you can use. As soon as you use it, the info box will change to Remap Available: 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, counting down. After the countdown reaches 0, it’ll switch back to Remap Available: NOW.

Bonus Remaps:
Under the “Remap Available: " line, you may see another line that says “Bonus Remaps: 1”. What happens with bonus remaps is this:
If you remap when the text says Remap Available: NOW” then you won’t use your bonus remap.
However, if the text says: Remap Available: 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds (basically if it’s counting down), you can push the button “Remap NOW anyway and use my Bonus Remap to do it.” That will use up your bonus remap.

Now, for an analysis of whether to use remaps or not:

The skills in EVE can be grouped into 2.5 categories:
Int/Mem skills - Armor, Shields, Targeting, Scanning/Probes, Engineering, Electronics, Rigs, Science, Industry
Per/Wil skills - Ships (Spaceship Command), and Weapons - Guns (Lasers, Hybrids, Projectiles), Missiles, Drones
Charisma/other skills - Social, Trading, Corporation CEO / Anchoring / Citadels, and Fleet Command (fleet boosting, etc.)

Time-wise, to build a decent combat pilot, you need support skills (Int/Mem) and you need ship and gun skills (Per/Wil).

But for the first year you need a lot of skills from all categories, and the best attribute mapping is what you start with (even all around), because again you’ll be training a lot of skills from all over the place to medium levels (3, 4 squares).

AFTER the first year, for the second year, you can switch to Per/Wil and train some of the larger ships and weapons to 5, so you can unlock the prerequisites for the bigger ships (Tech 2 or capital ships), and then for the third year you can switch to Int/Mem to max out the support skills (Shields Armor etc.) that you’ll need maxed out for these big expensive ships that you’re now flying.


Thankyou I understand now

There is no ‘stacking’. After a year you will become eligible for a remap, but it will stay that way until you use it.

Before injectors, people use to min/max the training attributes a LOT. If you search google from 3-4 years ago you will find a lot of threads on the topic. Tau Calander (or something like that) was considered an expert. He recommended bumping initial attributes to equal intelligence/Perception as the highest and minimizing charisma.

Also consider basic training implants once you have a bit of isk (unless you are jumping right into PvP).

And look into EVEMon or another skill planner. They will usually have a function that enables you to get the optimal attributes for the skills you want to train. So if you are doing a jumble of combat and support skills, it will find exactly how many points you should put in perception and intelligence to get things done asap.

I’d do that for a while, train many things to 4, then eventually decide if you want to be a support pilot (support skills, logi and drones) or combat pilot (weapons and ships) and remap for the year to train in that. When your next remap comes up, switch it up to the other one to round your character (ie improve the tanking/engineering/drones of your combat pilot, or combat capabilities of your support pilot).

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