Character Attrib Remaping

Sorry for having to ask this, just want to be sure and have not been able to find any information on this.

Character Remap… Do we have 2 or 3.

Neutral Remap

Bonus Remap available : 2

Is a little confusing as to the way it is worded and positioned on the character sheet.

This could mean I have a Neutral Remap NOW, and 2 bonus ones later.

Or its say Neutral Remap now “here is the button” and you have 2 remaps available.

I guess I could always make a junk character and test it, butt… never really know if you need that slot later for something really evil. lol

You have a total of three remaps available:
1 regular
2 bonus

If you remap, and a regular remap is available, the game will use the regular remap.
If you don’t have a regular remap available, the game will use a bonus remap.

After using the regular remap becomes available again after one year.
Bonus remaps are are one-time - once used they are gone.

Sorry, I’m slow, or something today… I’m still unsure of what you mean. I just don’t want to screw my character over for 12 months.

1 regular, which I’m guessing is the neutral remap… that rests every 12 months. Totally understand this. Its the two bonus remaps I don’t understand…

2 Bonus remaps <- are these every 12 months too… Like, do I have to wait 12 months to use a bonus remap.

Secondly, is this remapping, once used for THAT character, or they ACCOUNT WIDE and all the characters are affected, so a remap with effect the other characters limiting the remap to 1, or 0 if used on one?

Its the 12 month thing that’s messing me up… If I set my character to what it needs today, this month, or just the next few months… I’m screwed later if I have to wait 12 months for a “bonus” remap to activate a remap. Plus, I don’t want to use one on a throw away toon only to find out it limited my main character to now only 1 remap, or 0.

It would be nice to remap now for what I need over the next few weeks, months, but if I’m going to be stuck like that for 12 months I don’t see the point in remapping for a short term gain that’s just going to screws me over 2, 3, or 5 months form now.

I think I understand, I just want to be clear before I totally mess over a character.

The regular remap is on a 12 month timer.
The bonus remaps can be used whenever you want, regardless of that timer.

Remaps are per Charakter. If you have two characters on the same account and remap one the other will not be affected at all.

Bonus remaps do not regenerate. Only the single regular one does.

You remap now. This will use your regular remap and start the one year counter.
You have two bonus remaps and a one year counter till the regular remap resets.

You remap again in a month. It will use one bonus remap (since your regular remap has 11 months left till it resets) and not touch the one year counter.
You will be left with one bonus remap and and eleven months on your counter till the regular remap resets.

You, again, remap, lets say a month later. It will use your last bonus remap. From that point on you will only be able to remap when your regular remap is available again (one year after you did the first remap).

Since the bonus remaps do not regenerate, you will then only be able to remap once every year from that point on (unless CCP decides to give out further bonus remaps for some reason).

Second example:
You remap now. You have two bonus remaps left and the counter.
In a year, the counter runs out, and you remap again. You still have two bonus remaps left.

Hope that clarifies it.

Yeah, thanks…

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