Remap advice

Hi, no clue on stats really and started character many moons ago, revisiting eve and enjoyng it looking to pvp mainly, have 2 main char with these stats > any advice welcome as evemon seems defunct now from what i can tell, am wanting to train to fly a sabre etc

per 28
mem 17
will 21
int 17
cha 17

skill points 20908400

Other char

Per 23
mem 25
Will 17
Int 17
Cha 17

18436800 SP

Thanks in adavnce for any help !

oh says i have 3 remaps available if that matters

Different skills, different attributes. So you have to check to train weapon skills and Spaceship skills in a block, there Perception and Willpower have to be maximized.

But you mustn’t neglect core skills like Evasive Maneuvering or Cap Management, and there other attributes apply.

Additionally I recommend to buy implants (“Attribute Enhancers”) for a training clone.

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If you already got core fitting skills, engineering, and shield / armor tank skills, you could probably easily fill up your skill queue for >6 months with skills from Spaceship Command, Gunnery, and Missiles category which is just Perception/Willpower. So you just dump all your attributes into those two and only buy the training implants for those two.

Doing this sort of min/maxing of attributes isn’t for everyone and does require long term planning. It sounds like you’re already maxed out on remaps so the timing is less critical, as I think once you have 1 or 0 remaps you have to be pretty sure you want to stick with those attributes for 6 months or 1 year, when you earn the next remap.

Thanks for both replies !

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