Attribute Settings.... advice/suggestions

Having a difficult time deciding what to do with my attribute settings… Overall if you start looking at the skills and what attributes they require it looks like you need Int and Mem more than anything else. This is just a general character with no specific thing in mind, and Jack of All Trades type of character.

I think I am having a difficult time trying to figure out my LAST remap… I know I should do Percep/Will and Int and Mem, but then what? Percep and Int?

Is Percep and Int even a good idea, because if we only had one setting in the game that’s what I would have set it at… Percep and Int (even).

I had planned on NOT doing a remap and using the basic settings till some groundwork is done and maybe even Frig 5. and drag must everything else up to 3’s or 4s.

-Then switch to Int and Mem. to get most of the basic skills out of the way like Evasive, Mechanics Power Grid, Electron Upgrade, Cloaking, Sig Analysis, Long Target, Energy Grid Upgrades, etc.

-The switch to Percep and Will… for the rest of the ship and weapons skills and as far as I know that might take a full year just for basic stuff. Who knows, buy the time I’m even close to this Id probably have another remap.

-Then Switch to Percep and Int, and leave it and pick up everything else missed or need to work on.

I really don’t know what to think of all of this and love your input.

If you do a remap, be prepared to live with it for a year. A new player will be training skills from every category - a balanced map is best.

Once you are mostly training level 5 skills an optimized remap can make a big difference. Intelligence and memory for sure if you are training for science and production, also useful for tanking skills. Perception and willpower for weapons and spaceship command. Charisma is useful for fleet support, trade and PI.

Get a set of standard +4 implants, they offer good value for the cost. Take advantage of the events - most of them don’t require a lot of combat skill and the boosters are powerful. The current Rogue Drone Cerebral Accelerators are good for 50K SP if you train biology to level 5 - worth doing since most events now seem to reward with boosters.

Thanks for your reply and suggestions… Its just a little confusion as so much has changed. Not sure +4 implants are the way for me to go yet as I cannot even remember how to do a jump clone…

Thanks for your input would love to hear if doing Perception and Int… is even a viable choice for an attribute setting from someone who is using it, or if its just a waste of a remap.

Intelligence and Perception are used for navigation skills. The most useful mapping will be Int/Mem - this is used for engineering, armor, shield, subsystems, electronic systems, targeting, rigging, production, resource processing, scanning, neural enhancement and science. There are a few other categories that use one of them so you’ll get some benefit. Per/Wil are used for Spaceship command, gunnery and missiles.

Again, I recommend staying reasonably balanced for the first year since you’re likely to be choosing skills that use all the attributes. Once you’re at the point where you are confident most of the skills you’ll be training use the same map for the coming year - by all means use a remap.

I second the suggestion to stay balanced unless the character is hyper-focussed on one specific aspect of the game like PI or marketing. You will be surprised by the long-training skills you can over-look when mapping out your plan. For example I started off as a miner and balanced for that missing that I’d eventually want a lot of leadership skills and the ability to use +5 implants for mining links. Fortunately I had one more rebalance to save the day.

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