Skill Training

I’m looking to seriously maximize my skill training, I have all plus five implants already installed. what is the ratio needed between primary and secondary attributes, to attain maximum sp generation. I will also be equipping cerebral accelerators. Need to try and get ahead of these new industry changes. Any and all information would be greatly received, Currently sitting at 25 points for Perception, willpower, intellect, charisma, and memory 24. I have been jumping between different skillsets over last year so did not need any set of skills higher than the rest but with new industry changes, I need to maximize Intelligence primary and memory secondary. I have a re-map available and could really use the help to get the right ratio. I’m just not sure what those ratios are.

Many thanks in advance, Xiombarg o7.

Note that I use the “Attribute X/Attribute Y” syntax for brevity. When you see it, it means that a skill has Attribute X as the primary attribute, and Attribute Y as the secondary attribute.

  • If you have enough Int/Mem skills to keep you busy for the next year, max out intelligence, and put the rest into memory, as that will give you the absolute best training rate.
  • If you need to mix in Mem/Int skills (such as the mining, reaction, and reprocessing skills), you can either use pyfa to get the optimal remap, or just balance Int and Memory equally, which will get you pretty darn close without having to spending a bunch of time planning.
  • And if you need to mix in completely different skills (i.e. Drones - Mem/Per, Spaceship Command - Per/Wil), then you should definitely use pyfa, as it removes all the guesswork (make a year long skill queue in pyfa, and then hit the Attributes Optimizer button.)

That works better :slight_smile:


Thank you for the answers, I have a skill queue of roughly 1.2 years all int and mem so yes that works fine for me many thanks. The thread can be closed now. o7

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