How to optimize attribute remaps for skill plans?

So, it seems like Eve Mon hasn’t seen a code update in 6 years according to either their bitbucket or github repositories. I can’t figure out how to get anything remotely useful out of in terms of determining what an optimal remap would be for my character. What are people using to determine optimal remaps?

It is my understanding that that depends on the skills you intend to train as each skill is tied to an attribute that diminishes the training time if that particular attribute is increased.
It is also my understanding that remapping can be done once a year.

Anyone please correct me if i am wrong.

Strange to see EVEMON is without updates, I thought it was the tool for this sort of thing.

I never used it myself though. Choosing attributes to fit your skills will be less optimal for training speed than choosing skills to match your attributes.

I’m on a Per/Wil map and train Per/Wil skills like ships and guns.

Previously I had an Int/Mem map and trained tank, support and ewar skills.

It’s not as useful as strategy for new players as you want to train basics in all sorts of skills that have different attributes, but once you have some basic skills to play and can afford to train nothing but skills from a few matching categories, that’s going to result in optimal training speed. And if you ever feel in need of a skill outside the current attributes, that’s what unallocated SP is for! :grin:

I used EveMon 10 years ago. It mattered a lot more because there were no skill injectors, no unspent skill point pools, skillpoint loss upon pod death if you didn’t have an upgraded pod, skillpoint loss for T3C death, and fewer remaps available.

The optimal way is to dump your attributes into 2 buckets and grind out those skills. Most people seem to optimize for Skillpoint speed not time to finish a list of skills these days.

I don’t sweat the small stuff and wind up doing INT/MEM or PER/WIL which covers a lot of ground.

If you do want to optimize in this SP rate way and want to identify the top two attributes, it’s a pretty straightforward optimization calculation just tedious (takes advantage of the fact that SP earned (first derivative) is a linear relationship to its attribute):

  • List each skill and the SP required to get to that level. Keep the list going until you remap again.
  • List the primary and secondary attributes for each skill.
  • For the attributes (PER, INT, CHA, etc) sum up the SP numbers where it appears as a primary attribute.
  • Repeat the step, but sum up half the SP numbers for where the attribute appears as a secondary attribute.
  • Sort by SP numbers biggest to smallest. Dump your attributes into the first two on the list.

Spend unspent skill points and injectors on things that fall outside your two attributes.

If the calculation above shows you have attributes too spread out… probably need to focus the skill plan.

There’s a more active fork of EVEMon here: GitHub - mgoeppner/evemon: A lightweight, easy-to-use standalone Windows application designed to assist you in keeping track of your EVE Online character progression.

I’ve been using it successfully to play around with optimising remaps.

Once upon a time there was a marvelous piece of software for EvE called EvEHQ. It had an optimizer for training queues, showing which attributes to remap to which values, in order to minimize the time of training that entire queue. It also had a simulator for implants and their effect on training times. Sadly, it no longer exists.

I’ve never used EvEMon, but it should be the first thing to try out.

P.S. In essence it’s a problem of linear programming. The Excel Solver feature is the thing to use in this case. That is, if you can set up the equations correctly. There’s probably plenty of case material available online that shows how to do it. Spreadsheets in Space…

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