(Advanced) Weapon Upgrades attributes

(new player, first post)

I am very new, but I noticed that the skills section lists attributes for the entire skill group, rather than individual skill. But (Adv) Weapon Upgrades skills are not Int/Mem like the Engineering group they are in.

This is tricky for new players and it would be a shame if someone remapped before realizing this.

My questions:
Has CCP ever acknowledged it?
Are there other skills with different attributes than their groups?

A bunch of the tech 2 ship skills are like that. I haven’t checked, but there are probably some drone skills that don’t match.

Don’t remap too early. Especially as a new player, since you don’t really know 100% what and where you will need something in a few days or want to get to know something

or use EveMon and create und optimize skill plans


Unless you have at lest year long skill plan ready. There is no real benefit of remap.

Your better of with second clone with training implants. Just jump to it when you are offline.

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There is probably a general-purpose remap that is better than the default. But deciding that this year you need perception, not intelligence? That is not how I like to play.

Thanks for adding the EveMon stuff. I will reinstall to get this new change.

Where is the right place to suggest this fix to CCP?

Probably here:

This is possibly due to various skills being renamed and moved between different skill groups over the years.

It’s likely that AWU was originally in another skill group that matches it’s attribute configuration.


27 Perception, 21 Intelligence is a good remap for combat orientated players. Most of the skills that they want will either train about as fast as they would with the default remap (the categories in yellow), or faster than they would under the default remap (the categories in green). Skills from the categories in red will train slower, but most of them are irrelevant to combat orientated players. The exceptions include neural enhancement skills (i.e. Cybernetics and the clone skills), and possibly the fleet support skills if you want to boost. However, they can either be trained before the remap, or with unallocated SP from logon campaigns, skilling sprees, and Skill injectors.

For those that want hard numbers, most skills train at 30 SP/min (before implants) with the default remap. With the 27per/21int remap, skills from the yellow categories generally train around 29.5 SP/min, while those from the green categories can hit up to 37.5 SP/min.

This remap may not offer the best possible training rates, but it requires no planning, and is quite flexible. No commitments to year long plans required. Just stick to training the skills from the green and yellow categories, you’ll come out ahead.

I also made an entire series on all things skill point related for those that are interested.


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