Skill point error

The skill Advanced Weapon Upgrades is listed in the Engineering tab, with skills that have Intelligence / Memory as the attributes. This skill should be in the Gunnery tab, as it has Perception / Willpower attributes. Either that, or Advanced Weapon Upgrades should be converted into an Engineering skill, with Intelligence / Memory as the attributes.

Probably. I think the timetable for skill fixes is sometime in 2020…

I didn’t know there was any plan to fix anything.

There are several skills that don’t exactly match the rest of the grouping. It is a trend not a rule. T2 ship skills are still ship skills but don’t use per/will.
2 of the PI skills use different attributes as well.

The groupings are based on what the skills do. Not what attributes they have.

I think you missed the joke…

It’s not a trend, its a mistake.

When CCP reworked the Character sheet, they also moved some skills around to different skillgroups and renamed some of the groups as well. This could be tied to that, because if I remember right, AWU used to be under gunnery.

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