Reorganising the skill tree to make more sense

This has been an issue for a long time, and for new players one has got search almost every skill read the description until they find what they looking for. The skills in the categories they in right now makes no sense at all.

Here is one example:

Say I want to reduce some 'cap" needs to fit something else in, the obvious place to look is Engineering tree for saving on all things like ‘power grid’, ‘CPU’ and cap,
however if I go to navigation I find a skill for microwarpdrive that reduce usage by 5% per level. these types of skills should either be in a category of “CPU” Power grid & Cap under Engineering not navigation etc it has nothing to do with “high speed manoeuvring” or navigation in this case.

Call it whatever you want but at least put the skills in a relevant category. so one doesn’t have to search everywhere. ditto all the other skills in game.

CCP Its a question of reorganising the skills to a relevant category, based on what the skill does not the name of the skill which in a lot of cases is totally irrelevant to what the skill does.

MWD location is fine where it is. High speed maneuvering gives you access to a faster prop mod. It uses more cap, so to reduce that burden, train up to 5. Without the hsm skill you cant use a mwd.

Several skills cross categories, so there will always be skills that look misplaced.

Maybe what you need is a way to search for skills by what they affect.


Engineering tree is for base ship properties pretty much.
Navigation tree is for propulsion mods and stats.
The skill in the navigation tree only affects the propulsion mod so it is in the right place.
If you want to make your guns use less cap you look under gunnery.
Seems very simple and logical to me. If it’s to do with a certain type of mod, it’s under that section as it only impacts that mod.

OP, I get where you’re going but look at it in reverse. If High Speed Maneuvering were catagorized under Engineering rather than Navigation how would you know where to look if you were seeking the skill that allows you to operate MWDs?

TBH, there is no way to make a complex skill structure completely noob friendly. Complex systems require learning how the system works, there’s no getting around it.

But to show you another example of how nonintuitive skill descriptions in Eve can be, just compare Mechanics and Hull Upgrades, those two really make no sense. :scream:

If I remember correctly, there used to exist some sites that listed a player’s issue (i.e., too little cap) with any skill that would have an effect on said problem. Might be time for a player to reorganize and make available an updated crossreference sheet where he might be immortalized to the rest of the EVE community in a frequently passed around player aid.

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