Skill Search Flexibility

In the skill queue, one can search for something like “Spaceship Command,” and everything but the “Spaceship Command” skill will filter out. What I’d like to see is the ability to filter skills based on their descriptions. For example, the description for “Spaceship Command” is as follows: “The basic operation of spaceships. 2% improved ship agility for all ships per skill level.”

I’d like to be able to type something like “agility” or “2%” or “spaceships” into the search bar and have it return all the skills that mention those specific terms in their description.


Great idea, support.


+1 Good idea


know what would be a great place for this? the SiSi feed back thread for the skill window overhaul

Can you link it? Based on your description I can’t find what you’re talking about.

seriously, look under Test server feedback…

I found the Test Server subforum (which I wouldn’t have gotten based on what @Lugh_Crow-Slave wrote). Still need a link to the particular discussion @Lugh_Crow-Slave referred to. Just link it and I’ll be happy to contribute my suggestion there.

look for a topic titled:
[Updates To Skill Training - live now on Singularity!]

HINT, a CCP DEV created it… not hard to find.

I found it, though I’m not sure why you didn’t just provide a link. Shrug

Sorry had been at work and wasn’t checking the forum.

All good. I copied and pasted my suggestion over.

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