Current Skills Used By This Ship

I thought it would be helpful for players to be able to click on a third/separate tab in the fitting window (next to the equipment and personalization tabs) that shows what skills would be utilized by the player while flying the ship with its current fit.

It could be a pretty extensive list, as there are a lot of Spaceship Command and Armor and Shields skills that apply to all ships, but it would help players spot holes in their training. It could also clear up misunderstandings about how skills work (such as whether or not “explosive shield compensation” applies to the modules on your ship).

I recognize that this could be a sticky thing to put together, but i think it would get a fair amount of use, especially for new players.


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The client could show those using the skill browser. In the show info window, under the skills required tab, have a button that will bring up all ship relevant skills. That will then bring up the skill window with the specific ship being used as a filter showcasing all the relevant skills.

I would also suggest being able to select the specific ship from a drop down menu in the skill window (or a selection of 3 drop down menus, ship race, ship class, specific ship,) and also get there from the right click context menu from the ship item.

Edit: oh… and you should be able to do this from the simulate fitting window as well, so it’s not just the ship, but all the associated modules as well.

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