Ingame Player Skills API - Simulation Window

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What I would find useful is for players to have the ability to directly link their API to someone else within game. This would allow the player to do two things with the information:

  1. View the other players skills directly and monitor them.
  2. Allow that player to ‘slot’ the other player into the simulation window. Essentially, allowing me to ‘hot seat’ that player when fitting a ship to see what they can or cannot use and what type of fitting options or PG/CPU they have.

If this already exists in the training plan, then my apologies for redundancy. But we’ve dealt with many new players within the militia and having this functionality would allow us to do mass ship purchases for individual players that are tailored to their set of skills.

Try pyfa, ask your friend for his api and save his character api in your pyfa and you should be able to update it every now and then. Then you can just swap between your char his char and all V’s to see how much difference him training something would do.

Eve doesnt use api anymore. Its esi and its based on the sso use and permissions granted

May help as far as showing all skills trained, more eye and user friendly than the skillboards used for selling char

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Good program, have used these types of API before. But would highly benefit from having this directly integrated into the game as an extension of the Ship Simulator + Skill Training Plan System.

Often times if we are putting together some fleets on the fly we don’t have time to gather API’s and people may not know how + many people shy away from third party applications even if they are considerably safe.

Noted. Whichever method allows for a transfer of information and details. But in general I think that this is something that should have been included in the skill training plan. Allowing more experienced players to look through someone’s skills in game (with permissions) would allow for a lot of direction, explanation and fitting advice.

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While the tool i linked above only shows skills injected/ has some training, it can still help and the url can be shared to others. That is our inhouse tool for united standings improvement agency


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