HELP ! ! Please!

Hi all, I have played Eve since 2012, but real life got in the way in 2015 and i am now returning. I had a brilliant spreadsheet that auto updated with training and advised what was need next and the like, but it also gave configs for ships and loads of other stuff. I can probably dig it off my old computer, but i imagine it is obsolete now.

Does anyone know how to get a decent spreadsheet that gives this info?

Well, the following are straight tools, and offer no guidance.

I use Evemon for skill training. It doesn’t make suggestions on what to train, but it autoupdates and makes it easy to make skill plans, complete with remaps.

For ship fittings, I use Pyfa. It allows you to things like make damage graphs, adjust the incoming damage profile, and see how boosts, implants, and weather effects will affect your ship.

Thank you very much for that. It was actually called Evemon now you mention it. maybe my recollection of its attributes are not as clear as i thought.

I dont suppose you have any reliable links do you, Im on MAC not PC?

Evemon alternative for Mac users.

And, I don’t know jack about macs, but apparently there is a way to install Pyfa. So, I’ll just try pointing you in the right direction.


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