Third Party Tools

I did some searching, but couldn’t find any third party tools that seems to be relevant. Everything was either dead or in some sort of unusable alpha/beta. Ship fitting and skill queues are the things I got the most use out of back when EVEMON, EVEHQ, and others were a major benefit to players.

Am I just behind the times and third party tools aren’t needed any more?

Disclaimer: I’ve been inactive so long that I’m practically a noob again.

Evemon is still available. There are plenty of other tools that can be found in Eve Technology and Research

You really don’t need that junk anymore imo

For Ship Fitting Pyfa is one of few remaining that is still being updated.

That’s good to hear! So the ship fitter will let you see the effects of rigs without permanently committing them now?

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That’s correct sir! It’s all ingame, works really good once you get used to it. I’m loving how they are integrating so many things into the client itself

PYFA is king of fitting simulators cus you can actually simulate an engagement with it and apply boosters and implants. You can also simulate abyssal mods which is pretty useful.

AFAIK this cannot be done with the ingame simulator.
I do like the ingame simulator but it’s also a bit too clunky.

And you can export from PYFA to game client. It’s a good tool.

EVE IPH for industry use is updated and I will continue to update.

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