Fitting Tool Improvements

I would love to see some further development of the in-game fitting tool and improvements.

Its very nice so far, but lacks some abilities.

  1. Needs an ability for players to simulate different skill levels. This is actually very important and would help out a lot of players.

  2. Needs support for pods. Specifically, needs to be able to plug in different implants. They’re effects can be quite powerful and often change the way a ship fit plays.

  3. Needs support for boosters.

Would really love to see these in the game.

Hopefully this can happen in the future but there are technical issues to making this happen.

When asked about this before we were told that the way the fitting tool works is it can only look at your character in it’s current state. Current skills. Current implants. Current boosts.

One day…

Perhaps CCP could just copy third party tools that do the damn job into the game instead of trying to halfass their own versions. just a thought.

Why the fk is eft/pyfa not on the client yet??!

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pyfa and eft functionality is more or less why I made this thread. I was helping out some new players, and lets face it, pyfa kinda sucks for that.

Really need this in the game, especially for the new people, so they can see how things work, what they can do, plan their training / skills better, it makes a lot of difference.

And of course it’d be nice for the rest of us too.

I’ll argue that CCP needs to focus their limited engineering resources on replacing the 15-20 year old, single threaded, “legacy code” that forms the foundation of the game. They have given us the ability to fill gaps in the toolset using the API and tools like PYFA, Dotlan and EVEMon provide a valuable service to the community.

Let’s teach new players how to use the available 3rd party tools and let CCP focus on the work only they can do.

This legacy code is coming up as a limitation to so much in the game now its getting pretty bad. I’m not sure they have the personnel left that is capable on replacing it anymore, or at least no where near enough of such personnel. I think they are looking into it, just can’t do anything. But as time goes forward this will become an increasingly bigger issue until they will have no choice.

Couple that with some extremely bad ideas / choices. For example, they ditched a perfectly fine agent finder and replaced it with somewhat disfunctional agency, but can’t even upgrade the UI to have seperate scalable elements and give it scalable fonts so that it becomes functional at 4k. Really wrong choices there.

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