Implant Customization in Fitting Window

There has been many times where I thought to myself, “I wonder if this fit would be cap stable with implants. If so, what tier of implant would i need?”

My idea would be to add another tab (similar to the “SKINs” and “Browser” tabs) to the side of the fitting window that would allow us to further customize our fits with the implants we plan on running. Also to see if we can bring a certain fit up to our desired performance level by using certain implants or finding the optimal implant setup.


That’s what Pyfa is for…

It would be nice to be able to play the game without external software. I really liked it when CCP introduced simulation of ships and i like this idea too.


yes , we need 3rd party tool because CCP is not competent to finish their job. very simple

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No wonder EFT isn’t being supported anymore. Nothing like gratitude for the people who donated personal time, effort, and probably money to bring these tools that aren’t good enough for you people.

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