[Proposal] Adding features to the simulation fit

Could we add some features to the simulation , like viewing the characteristics with potential skill upgrades or implants and drugs. Some times it feels like you are in a big maze trying to find the necessary implants to boost some aspects of your fit, it would also help players to figure out what they could improve to have a better result in their spesific purpose of their fit.

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This is something that Pyfa can do, and something we’ve told CCP we’d like the in-game fitting tool to be able to duplicate.

Weren’t advanced features like this not implemented in order to prevent third party tools like Pyfa from becoming obsolete?

I don’t think it was to keep Pyfa from becoming obsolete, I think it’s more they don’t feel the need to duplicate in game what a 3rd party developer is already doing for free. That being said, they have made a lot of upgrades to the in-game fitting tool over the years so these kind of requests aren’t outside the realm of possibility.

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